Spigot Anti-Drop » 1.7 - 1.17 • Item list GUI • Fully configurable 2.2.4

Force players to re-hit their drop key to actually drop specified/all items.

  1. That's not the purpose of this plugin nor will it ever include that, sorry.
  2. PCPSells updated Anti-Drop | Item list GUI | Fully configurable | Lightweight with a new update entry:

    [2.1.2] Header & Footer toggle + cleaned up code

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  3. Do the permissions below give players access to add items that have anti-drop enabled on it for the whole server, or just them selves?

    - AntiDrop.commands.Menu
    - AntiDrop.commands.RemoveItem
    - AntiDrop.commands.AddItem
  4. Everyone. Those permissions are for your staff or at least at least those are intended for your staff :p
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  5. "Applied-Items:
    Hello, you can add
    Can all items not in the "Applied-Items" section help me?
    For example:
    - all
  6. That's already a thing. Go in game and type '/ad ai all_items' which stands for '/antidrop additem all_items'
    or just put "ALL_ITEMS" in that list of Applied-Items.
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  7. Oh, thanks a lot
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  8. plug bug
    /rg __global__ item-drop deny
    shift + Q drop item = x2 item
    Try it, that's me summarizing!
  9. why are you denying item drops with this plugin installed?
  10. [​IMG]

    I’m 99% certain that they just meant they’ll credit you and link to the SpigotMC page. Just saying.
  11. Wasn't sure as they did say, "i will mark out your name"
  12. They’re Chinese,

    I see comments, reviews, and forum posts about that website all the time, and they’re always asking the original plugin or mod authors for permission before they submit plugins or mods to it and also usually say they’ll give permission and link back to the original page.
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  13. I've seen it multiple times as well. Wasn't sure if they did that, so thanks for the info.
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  14. Stop saying this in every single plugin thread. :rolleyes:
  15. Hey bro, would be nice to see mysql/mongo support in the future :D
  16. PCPSells updated Anti-Drop » 1.7 - 1.15.2 • Item list GUI • Fully configurable with a new update entry:

    [2.2.0] Plugin conflict bug fix + 1.16 support

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  17. Hello!

    I'm using AntiDrop on 1.8.8 server and 1.16.4 server.
    On 1.8.8 everything works fine but on 1.16.4 i disabled "Use-Header-And-Footer-In-Drop-Messages" option but it's still working.