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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by DroodVS, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    Does anyone know of a plugin which prevents people in freecam from breaking blocks e.g grass and stone. I've seen some servers that have prevented this however I'm just not sure how they have done it.

    - Drood
  2. Celebrimbor


    AACaddition blocks this. It does come with the stipulation of owning AAC though. Wish I had another option to give. Not sure of any.
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  3. Alright, yeah i own AAC so ill check this out now thankyou :)
  4. Celebrimbor


    Oh nice :)

    Wish you luck.
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  5. I had a build of ntac, at one point, that blocked free-cam. It tended to move players in a tiny jump-like motion once in a while but it worked. If AACaddition isn't your cup of tea, I can compile the old build for you on my spare time. I just can't promise that it'll be bug/error-free though as ntac was left in a bit of a horrid condition and I've only solved a handful of errors as of now.
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  6. Celebrimbor


    AACaddition does the same thing (move players that are stationary for a certain amount of time). But yeah, if you're doing for free it makes more sense than buying something for one check :)
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