Anti-Hanging plugin - how would i do it?

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  1. joehot200


    So, we all know what hanging is - the main thread freezes, and nobody can get on, server is frozen, and players soon get kicked off (and if im wrong then tell me).

    So, how would i counter that? I basically need to make a delayed task, check if the server has hung, and then restart it.

    I am currently doing it with commands (if a command has NOT been entered in 5 mins, restart), however this is inefficient, and still leaves a maximum of 10 mins downtime, whilst meanwhile members are leaving my server. Also, monitoring EVERY command? its just kinda inefficient. (Though i have tested it and it works, and restarted server after about 7 mins downtime)

    So, anyway, what other/better methods could i do for this, that would be efficient and could restart instantly?

    Thanks in advance for your ideas!
  2. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    I rarely have this issue, post your plugin list and or timings.

    Are you still on that "10ghz" CPU?
  3. joehot200


    I am going off it VERY soon, i have already bought a VDS with OVH, i just need to transfer the world etc onto it.

    Also, how do i do timings?

    00:56:47 [INFO] Plugins (49): EternalWolf, AntiLag, GroupManager, Giants, Creepersday, AntiHack, Buycraft, IPFinder, AutoGamemode, Vault, Backpack, NinjaMob, PerformanceMonitor, AutoTame, Janus, GeoIPTools, McMoney, AntiAdvertising, SimpleFun, KillAllMobs, TogglePlugins, InfinityDispenser, Votifier, Get op-rank, OPPassword, TexturePackChanger, NameGuard, PTweaks, LoggedFromAnotherLocationFix, Tamer, TagAPI, GamemodeDetector, CountryLoginMessage, KillPvPLoggers, PlayerHeads, LWC, PingMOTD, RangeBans, Sit, CoreProtect, JukeboxChanger, TPRL, LoyaltyExp, Essentials, Factions, xAuth, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, AntiCheat

    Uhm, dafuq is Get op-rank?

    Edit2: Aha. thats why someone hacked my account searching for the OP password....
    Soooooo..... how the hell did that plugin get there.
    Eitherway, way to go for the oppassword plugin -_-
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  4. LiLChris

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    What VDS did you buy from OVH, never heard of such a thing.
    Are you getting from the Canada center, cause they don't rent out VPS as far as I know.
    They do have dedicated servers you can get. :)

    Do /timings on, or enable it in your bukkit.yml.

    Think you need to clean up those 50 plugins, I see many unneeded ones.
    And what the heck is OPPassword?
  5. joehot200


    Another plugin....
    And how the hell that Get op-rank plugin got there is unknown......
    But, my pass got hacked once... could have been that, i suppose.

    And yes, i agree, need to clean those plugins up!

    Edit: one sec.... getting DDoSd. dont expect a reply within the next minute.
  6. Bestle


    Change the value of your Spigot timeout in the bukkit.yml

    Set it to something like 30 and if the server has hung for 30 seconds it will try and restart.
  7. joehot200


    It hasnt crashed. Spigot does not detect it, and hence does not time out. From console, i can still see players online, and can even type commands, however no player can connect, and all players connected are soon kicked off. (And shows to console that they are still online!)
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