Anti Leaking bugg

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  2. Nope you didn't, nobody will help you downloading leaked version of plugins.. premium plugins was made hard, and you should support people other than stealing their hard work..
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  3. +1
    As a developer I work hard on plugins and I make them premium as incentive to continue with high quality work.
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  4. I bouth the plugin but it dont work i BOUTH IT ON SPIGOTMC.ORG
  5. Both developers said the same?
    also "AntiRain" isn't working
  6. You paid for it? Show us a screen shoot of the page with the download button.
  7. and i kicked anti rain out it dont worked ...
  8. I would get if you want to hav emore contral over spawning and weather on select worlds.

    But, as for your problem, I really dont have any idea what to do, I think you should bring this issue to the "Issue" section, (even tho I dont know how it works) This is a problem for the spigot developers to fix.