Anti Piracity on Premium Resource.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by JoseGamer_PT, May 21, 2016.

  1. Point 1 > Sorry for my bad english ;p

    Point 2 >
    Hello spigot community, i am creating a premium resource.
    It's possible to add an anti piracity method? For example:
    /plugin about
    Registered to: SampleUser.

    Point 3 > Is any method to register an private key for example?

    Thanks for your time!
    - Jose
  2. someone told me this can be done
    not sure how tho if i find out ill let you know :)
  3. I don't know how easy cities can be put into plugins but if you wanna put Pira in your plugin, you can.
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  4. Like a serial key? I thought about doing that, my solution was first generate a random serial, give it to your customer and register it on an online private file with information where it says if the serial is used or not. Tell your plugin to ask the file if it is used or not, BUT, be sure that you don't ask directly to the file otherwise people can take your code, trace down the site and sell your keys for cheaper...
  5. Well... Is an method more efficiently?
  6. There are Strings you can put in which will get replaced with for example the Spigot Username
  7. Then lets say, md_5 bought the plugin, I just need to take his name and unlock mine? I don't think its a good solution, maybe crypting the username? That still aint safe though...
  8. Probably going to make a security kind of thing like that API :p
  9. First think about if it's even worth to add anti-piracy protection to your plugin.
  10. It is, sadly today there is too many ways to get things for free...
  11. You heard it! From the very author that brought you incredible premium plugins like... TrollsPlus !
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  12. That's against the terms of service.
  13. Sorry, what is?
  14. Having a plugin that doesn't work out of the box was (and still is?) against the ToS. You can't have the user and/or yourself do manual stuff after someone has paid for a plugin.
  15. thx, I'll keep that in mind then
  16. It's a Bukkit plugin, which is GPL by default. Unless you license your software under another license (which would have as a result that you COULD (but probably not will, that's your own risk) be DMCA'd or worse by someone from the Bukkit team), you may not use any anti piracy code. GPL stands for free software. Not free as in "price", but free as in "freedom" for the user. Some premium plugin owners take this risk, I personally wouldn't do that.
  17. Doesn't work like that. While plugins *use* bukkit, they don't actually include bukkit source files (shaded) in their jar so i don't believe the same licensing applies.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  18. There are still references to it like Itemstacks, no idea if the license does apply
  19. Use the:
    String uid = "%%__USER__%%";
    in your code somewhere, then when a user downloads ur premium resource it will get replaced with their spigot form id, you can use the xenforo api to get their username from that and you could make it send a post request to your server or somthing to check its data or maybe against a user blacklist or somthing.
  20. Will remove piracity if check is username?