Anti-Plugin Leak Idea

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  1. I could give it a shot.

    I mean, if I get one down, and $100,000 from a lawsuit, I'll be a happy camper.
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  2. The backend part will compare the file with a database. If it doesn't match, then it will use muticraft to turn off the server.
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  3. Money can do magical things.
  4. okay, so we just don't use multicraft?
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  5. no company would sell out, i could be a billionare doesnt mean amazon is going to let me have all their clients data.

    also start merging messages smh.
    this thread will be locked soon.
    get a grip of yourself
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. For a plugin to work, it must have all the code, right? I know some plugin authors who have already done this (an internet connection was justified) and you know what?
    The cracker took the input code and put it in the file.
    Save your money for other more laudable things. Support for example..
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  8. Benz56

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    This thread really escalated o_O
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  9. it got derailed but that's what happens when you ask for it by posting a stupid thread
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  10. I was trying to, but too many replies, and hard to do it on my phone.


    What if we had the same situation, but we got 10% of plugins to install it. This includes non-premium too.

    Yes it can be cracked, but will crackers really crack 2,950 plugins every update, plus the existing 866 premium plugins.
    Sure its possible, but a plugin update is posted every 15 - 30 minutes. This means the crackers will have to remove the anti-crack part 5 times a day once they get them all completed. (Assuming 10% install it).

    And even if they do so, what are the chances of someone switching from spigot to blackspigot to download ALL plugins. They might accidentally get one plugin with prevention measures in it.
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  11. automate the process <3
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  12. Okay, then lets provide an unlimited amount of ways for someone to install it.

    Idk, make a jar that runs and will auto install it. And it will randomly name everything, and maybe put the loading stuff in an event, or command, or on enable, or a random method.

    Making a way to automate that out would be very difficult. Since it would be obfuscated too.
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  13. you're making it seem more complicated than it is.
    blackspigot doesnt crack every single plugin and doesnt crack every single update.
    the do the main ones. if your plugin doesnt get popular whats even the point.

    if you're on about making this a full system for others to use, blackspigot would crack it once and done, all plugins using it are vulnerable.

    just stop trying to make this a thing, it's stupid.
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  14. Its possible. The JVM has an API for that.
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  15. Didn't know that, thanks for the info.
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  16. There is no real way to SOLVE this problem, but there has to be a way to reduce it.

    Okay here is another idea... based off of something I made when I was 15:
    1. Find a friend of the blackspigot owner.
    2. Infect that friend with a rat virus
    3. Use that friend to get the rat virus on the blackspigot owner's computer via sending, virus attachment, email, apart of a plugin, apart of an exe, apart of a png (sometimes possible), apart of anything.
    4. Get him to run it and RAT IN ACTION
    5. From there scan keyboard input and collect passwords
    6. Get access to blackspigot's purchasing stuff and console
    7. DESTROY and transfer controls to me. :p
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  17. So you're fighting blackspigot with things that are equally wrong?
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  18. I'm getting a little tired of this. I mentioned it in my reply first reply and you still don't seem to realise what I've literally said countless times now. No matter how fucking fancy you're able to get it, let it be with a simple ProGuard, some automated job or blast it to the moon in Elon's fucking Tesla and obfuscate it on Mars, my point remains:

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  19. this is why me and @MrDienns think you're delusional can you blame us
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  20. okay do something that can get you prison time probably, okay smart
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