Spigot Anti-SignCrash 1.2

Stop the 1.8 Sign-Hack with this simple plugin!

  1. I did this because not only does the hack use a unknown character to Minecraft, but it also makes the text go beyond the max sign character limit of 15.
  2. The plugin also bans players who just create signs with symbols or a regular long text. Is it possible to fix this? Running this on Spigot 1.8.0
  3. The limit since 1.8 is 16, not 15. Anyone using 1.8 is going to have innocent players being banned.
  4. Hi
    I'm having some players being baned without having the hack.
    A player just typed:
    Parabéns papai

    (happy birthday dad in portuguese)
    And the plugin banned him.
    Hope you have a fix for this.
    I ajusted the plugin to only jail the hackers, for now, and then, the admin choose either to ban or not.
  5. So... no fixes? May I delete the plugin?
    Anyone know another one to do the same thing?
  6. This plugin is now void because a recent spigot version has fixed the hack.
  7. Oh I definitely missed the show.
  8. Ok, but, what if I don't want my minecraft server to be 1.8.8? Most plugins did not updated yet, and I don't want to loose players inventorys, and stuff. I know, I'm kind of noob, but feel free to offer me some help
  9. Just decompile all your plugins, find the corresponding R_* and replace with the latest 1.8 API version.

    Google will teach you.

    EDIT: All 1.8.x are compatable with 1.8.x clients, so do 1.7 and version-series in the future
  10. Or the guy could just fix the plugin...
    Well, i thank you lifehome, but I don't even know where to start to do such thing. Not even what to google. But thx anyway.
  11. Is there a way to know if the user really is using a sign hack, this banned a user, who tbh is a bit of an airhead, so I wasnt sure she was even capable of learning to get wolfram and "hacking" at any rate shes staying banned till I know for sure.
  12. I also run signshop and this plugin bans players for making a sign for signshop. top line is [buy] last line is $100 or what ever number middle two lines normal text
  13. I don't believe the hack exists anymore. You should be able to safely remove the plugin now.
  14. I only installed the plugin last week cause somehow my servers were going down with no errors or signs of what was done, after I installed your plug they have been up for a few days straight now
  15. Note that you can put the lowercase 'i' and the lowercase 'l' more than 15 times on 1 line.

    I suggest not auto-banning players for that.