Spigot Anti-Swear Alpha v1.01

A great new way of guarding your chat!

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    Anti-Swear - A great new way of guarding your chat!

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    Tweaking abd bug fixing

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  3. Overall looks good and efficient, exactly what I am looking for.
    Just a blacklist and nothing more, many plugins have the same features and this will only serve as a resource hog to servers.

    Just one thing though,

    When I installed I got a config file, but it was empty instead of having
    the following.

    # Put the words on the line below 'Bannedwords:' Banned words is where
    # The code gets the words to be blocked from chat.
    # If you have questions PM CodeMan1996 on Spigot!

    Either way, I like this clean and simple plugin, if you fix this I will give it 5 stars :)
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  4. Really appreciate the review. I will work on getting that fixed and see if there is a error.