Anti VPN plugins, do they even work?

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  1. Hey everyone. I'm interested in how the VPN blocking plugins work. How do they know if someone is connecting through a proxy or VPN? And any recommendations on which you think is better(even if premium)?
  2. You check the connection against a database. You ensure the IP is a residential IP with a residential ISP. The IP may belong to a block of commercial IPs belonging to hosts like OVH. Using that data from the lookup, the plugin can decide whether to block a connection. That said, it adds an external query to every player connection so it's perhaps not recommended in that sense. You could allow them to connect whilst the external request takes place to avoid hanging their connection and kick them later, although that may defeat the purpose.

    I think such plugins are fairly inefficient just because of that extra time they add for connection, and they rely on an external service just to connect to your server.
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  3. Don't use this. Some people just automatically use VPNs. This could honestly have a drastic loss of people playing just depending on what type of people actually play on your server.

    Also this, it probably takes too long for connection and more people will probably experience connection problems.
  4. I use an anti-vpn/proxy plugin. I had to, in order to stop all the people joining on alts with different IP's to avoid bans.

    It does not noticeably slow down the connection time, and kicks people connecting with a non-residential IP instantly.

    It's a must-have for my server, and I have lost no players due to it's addition.
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  5. Running cracked server and i using one of them to prevent bot attacks. They are working fine..
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