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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by FlashyOG, May 19, 2015.

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  1. So is there any way to stop people from downloading your server map? I heard something with the spigot.yml you can set the anti x-ray to primed tnt but i have no clue how that would work seeing i don't know the id for primed tnt.
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  2. No, there isn't, there wasn't and there won't ever be.

    All so called "solutions" don't prevent any serious people.
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  3. I think the solution your heard about was tnt and restore blocks but anyone with a brain would just disable tnt and take the part of the map they wanted so it's useless.
  4. I place signs and text writing all over my maps, so if it ever got to the point where I had to prove it was mine, I can go to the location / sign. (People can obviously remove these if you don't put them at the right places.

    ie. if your build is at the top of the world, put it in the same chunk but hide it at the bottom or something.
  5. A server has a plugin to where you log in with world downloader and it crashes your mc, so i was just wondering.
  6. what server, may i ask, is this?
  8. Didn't crash my client....
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  9. What i was told, guess it's not true.
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  10. You'll need to explain what you're doing, otherwise nobody will thunk you're right. Additionally its impossible to fully stop World Downloaders.
  11. Bullshit

    Solution 1: Use a plugin to block it (One exists but does not work on all world downloaded mods

    Solution 2: Use Spigots anti-xray to rig the world.

    But honestly, the client needs to render the map one way or another and so its impossible to block a determineded person who plans to download the world
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  12. Joined today..
    From the United STATION...
    3 months old thread..

    Do i need to say more?
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  13. Any proof on a live server?
  14. wat
  15. You cannot prove the non-existence of a "World-Downloader-Blocker". You simply can't, don't try to argue with it, you just can't do it, nobody can.

    Even though its non-existence cannot be proved, its existence hasn't been proved either so its a waiting game till somebody actually makes one that works.
  16. Link to the mod?
  17. dude there other verison of the worlddownloader mod to bypass your plugin
  18. Well the world downloaded mod.. Which one is it?
  19. funny the video you show it looks alot like i a link i know and why buy it even the same config and perms.
    link to the plugin:
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