Spigot Anti Worldownloader 0.2.4 For Spigot 1.8/9/10

Provides a detection of the WDL mod. Say no to map stealing !

  1. The first step is to ask the server owner, if it seems at all likely that such a request would be granted. A non-poorly-implemented plugin (IE, not this one) would allow you to use WDL's built-in permission request system, but this plugin's author didn't bother to implement any of the actual channels so you can't do that and have to do the manual process of asking in-game from the normal client and then switching afterwards if they allow you.

    If they're willing, they'll grant you permission and you can move on. If not, under special circumstances the maintainer of WDL can assist you (PM via the Minecraft Forum, please); this is only done under circumstances where it is clear that the plugin is blocking legitimate use of the mod (such as backing up your own content), though.
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  2. Yeah but most people use it to download other worlds from other servers to steal them.
  3. That does happen (although I disagree without citable statistics that it's the more common use; it's just that it's the use that you'd notice more often because by definition you're not going to notice a private backup that isn't redistributed). However, the intent of the mod's plugin channel system is to allow people to use the mod after manual approval (that's why I added it in the first place), not to kick them. Kicking players creates a horribly painful UX for people who need the mod for legitimate purposes (I personally only use it to keep backups of my own builds, which has proved very useful in several situations, including recently a time when I made a monthly backup one day before the server I was playing on went down and they lost the map [that they had planned to release, but lost track of]).

    It's a complicated situation, but I urge people to look into the specifics of all the ways the mod can be used before banning it in all situations in a way that is hard to deal with for situations you didn't plan for. I personally don't like overriding the system, but it still happens rarely (maybe 5 times I've received legitimate requests and done so).
  4. well rip

    I wanted to figure out a way to stop people from stealing builds but there is no way since they can just edit it
  5. Use this plugin. lol.
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  6. i am using it but anyone can edit the world download code to bypass the plugin
  7. They would have to edit the mod. You can never fully prevent people downloading your worlds as people can make their own mods, etc.
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  8. A reminder: I am the maintainer of the clientside world downloader mod.

    This plugin has the major flaw which I've stressed several times (at least, last time I checked; I do not work against it frequently): it doesn't have a way to request permission for legitimate use of the mod. Meaning players are forced to modify the mod if they want to save something. The main goal of my plugin (and any other plugin that completely implements the API as documented) should be to ensure players do not need to do that (after all, you can't force them to not be able to do that and by can't I mean it's technically impossible).

    My core thesis which I've repeated several times now: don't try to stop players; encourage them to act in the way you want instead. This plugin fails miserably in that regard and that is why I discourage its use (but I don't try to break it).

    So, to reiterate yet again, because I feel I have not made this point clear enough:

    • This plugin does not attempt to deal with the legitimate uses of the mod.
    • As such, legitimate users are forced to act illegitimately.
    • Thus, the plugin is self-defeating, in the long run, and should not be used.
    • Instead, use a plugin that offers a permission-request system; that gives you a chance to accept legitimate uses while rejecting illegitimate ones. Which is far more likely to do what you want in the long run than blanket-banning the mod.
    At some point I'm going to tweak the plugin channel system as part of a general cleanup; that will effect the behavior of this plugin (but won't break it). The details will come later, but it'll involve delaying the WDL|INIT channel until it's actually needed, for bandwidth and synchronization reasons. I still strongly suggest that you don't use this plugin because it is less practical (and closed source).

    I'm slightly upset that someone saw this plugin via a bump to this thread and is now using an inferior plugin. If someone wishes to discuss this more, feel free to do it, but not in this thread (create a new one and PM me it or something).
  9. You should make a plugin that does that!
  10. I do actually maintain one (it's linked in the wiki.vg article and in my signature). It's actually even got integrations with other plugins (though I haven't been maintaining that too frequently). I don't update it too often (it hasn't needed any changes recently), but I do test against that plugin whenever I update the mod (source code's licensed under MIT too). I might push out another update soon, who knows (but my update schedule is very slow in both cases).
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  11. Is it possible to run multiple commands?
    - /1
    - /2
  12. So I'm using this plugin, and someone said that they used an "undetectable" version of WDL to steal my maps, and it was already available via a simple search. They also said that any other creations I make will be stolen.
    How can we prevent this?
  13. its fully client side, not detectable so far as i know,
    if you REALLY want to protect youre buildings, dont use the map on the server :rolleyes:
    otherwise, they can download it with hacked clients, (wurst, ..) WDL, shematica, ...
  14. Sorry for the necro but I got a question:
    Does this block schematic, LabyMod, etc.?
  15. nope, i recommend to use HackedServer or another forgemod/feather mod blocker..
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  16. A reminder that almost all of these plugins do go about it the wrong way, and produce a worse user experience for players. The whole plugin message system they hijack is intended to be used for permission requests in a way that players can see what's supposed to be allowed, and request if they have special considerations. Kicking players for having something installed that's allowed elsewhere, before they can even read your rules, is terrible UX and a great way to lose players.
  17. Will this be updated to 1.13?
  18. aurel85


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