Spigot AntiAntiKnockback/AntiVelocity (force movements or kick) 1.4

Stop players from using AntiKnockback on your server! Kick or force them to accept the knockback!

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    AntiAntiKnockback [uses ProtocolLib] - AntiKnockback AntiCheat ProtocolLib

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  2. I was looking for one plugin like this so long.

    Keep it up ! If you want something let me know
  3. want to join my server to see false positives?
  4. Can you add a config?
    Kicking the player can be sometimes too harsh, can't you allow us to just select an option to just deny anti-knockback but don't kick the player?
  5. @RavniCraft yeah i would like to, just send me a PM with the server address :) I think it will be fixable :)
    @xbenas ok, i will do this
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    Now with config and more Features!

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  7. Nice plugin!
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  8. Please add Custome Run Commands ...
  9. What do you mean by that?
  10. Ey, my friend, do you can perfomance push forcing?
    For example, if you receive a arrow shot, without antiknockback cheat, you get a knockback out 1 block of distance.
    I would this plugin, simulate more precise the distance of konckback, with the cheat, if you receive a aroow shot, just you move, you don't fall.
    (Im not using kick option, this works great!. it detects antiknockback hack very well, but some laggy players without antiknockback cheat, have kick issues)
  11. Well, if i understand your request correctly, it isn't fitting in the plugins concept. This plugin is here to prevent cheaters from modifying their knockback, not to modify knockback in general.
  12. No, i would plugin simulates real knockback distance forcing, when you are a cheater with antiknockback, instead of kicking :)

    Look this: A lot of players in my network, have high ping, im receiving report of my staff that hey were kicked by knockback (false positives) and so, laggy players are kicked by this anticheat. I cofigured for forcing to receive knockback, but, for example, recieving a hit from a player with a knockback II enchanted sword, with the antiknockback cheat, you are "forced to move" 1/2 block instead of 3 or 4 blocks away.
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  13. I force the knockback by using packets. When they get hit by a Knockback II sword they should fly away like they would if they didn't have a cheat. When you don't want your high ping players to be kicked, set the amount of attempts before getting kicked to -1.
  14. "They should fly away like they would if they didn´t have a cheat"
    (Video with Knockback 5 wooden sword)

    Could you perfomance the knockback punch forcing distance?
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  16. The video isn't working but i think i got your point now. For extremly high values the knockback from the plugin differs alot from the normal mc one.
  17. Sorry, i edited the config: