Spigot AntiAttack | Hack Detection | [1.8] 0.0.5

Supports ForceField, ClickAimBot, AimBot, ..

  1. Hey i got a question about this. So does it use anything other than mobs to detect killaura? Many killauras have a setting to only target players, making this useless of it just uses mobs to detect it
  2. it uses every entity that does exist like player / mob only in my video to make that in that situation easier i was useing mobs
  3. my next update content would be an option to toggle from mobs and players to only mobs or players
  4. Alright. Cool. Do you think you could add support for aimbot in the future? You could make it put a fake player behind the player and make it stay in that spot behind them no matter what, meaning if they have aimbot it would cause them to infinitely spin around trying to hit the fake player thats behind them at all times
  5. What xd ... it does already exactly what you are writing maybe take a look at the feature section ^^
  6. I'd recommend removing the plugin name from the kick message or make it more generic, otherwise you're potentially exposing server operators to people using clients that this plugin is known not to block.

    EDIT: Nevermind, just seen the message is configurable.
  7. the message is configurable its only a default fast created one
  8. Celebrimbor


    Question? Would this give false detection when using MCMMO area-of-effect (AOE) skills?
  9. konsolas


    I'm going to recommend you look into the DarkCloudz hacked client, as it and a few others bypass this plugin. By a lot.
  10. never used mcmmo plugins but you could try on your own if its working or not
  11. that could be, i'm going to take a long into the DarkCloudz hacked client and try how to fix that if there's any bypass
  12. Sopport the 1.5.2?
  13. its only 1.8.6 and higher / see the header of the plugin page
  14. mm okay thanks
  15. because almost every server is useing the newest minecraft version (1.8 / 1.7) not the old ones like 1.5 or 1.6 ... these are more like for mods and is not accessable for download i think
  16. ?
  17. How you code this ? it's amazing.