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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by joehot200, Oct 7, 2014.

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  2. @joehot200 I use Bungee Chat and the Global chat is /g <msg>. How can I add this to the commands to run so it broadcasts to all that a Player was kicked for hacking? It doesn't allow the g command to be used in the console. Sry if this is obvious, just can't get my head around this.

    Code (Text):
    FlightCommand: kick %PLAYER% Flying is not allowed!#broadcast %PLAYER% was kicked for hacking!
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    It isn't obvious at all. The answer is, it's very hard. You will need a plugin that parses commands to BungeeCord.
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    Unless there is a mistake or a misunderstanding, I will most likely be reporting that user to the spigot staff for fraud.

    He has attempted to contact the credit company stating that he didn't authorize the transaction in an attempt to get her/his money back.


    If the credit card company has done this without his knowledge, I recommend he contacts them to close the case. I would be happy to re-add him to the buyers list if he closes the case and sends me a PM.
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  5. $5.00...really people? :) A cheater with money wants a Minecraft AntiCheat plugin...Classic!
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  6. WOAH... Not sure what happened with the new update, but it's going insane for me. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or...I installed the latest version, my config didn't reset, so I'm like "Hmm.. odd." Next thing I notice, I have a ton of players falsely getting kicked. I then reinstall the plugin. Nothing changed. After that a few people tried to swim in water, weren't able to move at all! Removed for now 0.o
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    Problem is, the type of chargeback he/she has initiated is likely to land me with a $20 fee.

    Not good. :/
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    • Update to the latest version. There were a couple of bugs with Spider detection which were definitely fixed. There was a silent update about 5 seconds before you posted that comment, try that (though it only has minor fixes AFAIK).
    • There wasn't a config reset, but it's recommended.
    • What were they kicked for?
  9. Ok, I have Bungee Admin Tools that does the kicking but apparently only broadcasts the reason if it is done by a actual player. I'm gonna contact that Dev.
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  11. Not sure if it hurts anything but I'm pretty sure this hashed(#) out note command shouldn't be followed with a colon in the config file.

    EDIT: There are several lines with a colon and the GEdit editor configured for .yml reads it as a actual line instead of a comment...No big deal! I just remove all the colons. I'm sure they look fine in NotePad++.

    Code (Text):
      #Do you want to enable regeneration blocking?
      Enabled: true
      #What is the maximum amount of half-hearts allowed for each regeneration? A value of 2 equals one heart.
      MaxHalfHeartsPerRegen: 1.0
      #How many seconds since a person last regenerated health can they be allowed to do so again?
      #On DEFAULT minecraft, this is 4 seconds. However, some of your plugins may make this longer or shorter.
      #If people without regen get kicked for using it, set this to lower.
      RegenDelay: 3.0
      #Command to execute when regen is detected.
      RegenCommand: eb kick %PLAYER% Regen is not allowed!#broadcast %PLAYER% was kicked for hacking! (Regen)
      #Note: There is no need for a Threshold or SafeHitDecrease here, because changing them would do almost nothing.
      #I have set the Threshold to 5 and Safe-Regen-Decrease to 1.
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  12. Okay, thanks for this info.
  13. Silly question but in the config, How do you set it up to run multiple commands? I have the kick command and its working then you have the #broadcast following that command. Is that the format for running multiple commands or should I remove the hashtag and add a semicolon or something? Please clarify. I want to change the second command to a execute everywhere (plugin) alert command like this....
    kick joesmoe; ee alert Joesmoe was kicked for cheating-----Those 2 commands. Thanks! I may need to reverse it cause once the second command is ran the %player% won't be found.
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    Code (Java):

    PlayersAroundCommand: kick %PLAYER% Forcefield is not allowed!#broadcast %PLAYER% was kicked for hacking! (A)#Insert another command here!#I wonder what %PLAYER% is doing?#%PLAYER% has got %PING% ping!
    %PLAYER% has to be in capitals.
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  15. Ehy @joehot200 watch this video.
    I made it for your plugin

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    This was fixed in the latest version. Update AntiAura, and you won't have any issues.
  17. Görünmez oyuncu isimleri birkaç dakika içinde değişir? Nerede ?? değiştirebilirim

  18. @joehot200 there are still issues with headplayer. Lightning and fireballs still will cause it to trigger. D:
  19. Can you fix so you can ride a mobs without being teleported of it?
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  20. It's still happening to me. I'm on the latest version, and headplayer is still detected by other forces like fireballs and lightning.