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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by joehot200, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Never really know what to use these days AAC or Anti-Aura. Which one is best?
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    Could you scroll back up about half a page?
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  3. @joehot200 He's reporting the huge mass of dirt particles caused by invisible mobs constantly thumping to the ground.

    Also really loving this version, by the way, no complaints for once, apart from hopes that you'll continue to improve forcefield detection (specifically the non-OneHitPerCheck MobInFront)!
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  5. It is very expensive sale
  6. 5$ is not expensive
  7. @joehot200 I have tested on the second-latest build, and the pressure plate bug is still present. The changelog for the current version lists no fix for this bug.

    Why have you been ignoring my posts?
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    I've had more important bugs to fix, especially since it is an extremely minor bug. I'll take a look at it later today or tomorrow.
  9. Is it possible to put the 2 players or "bots" closer to the person? Because when I use flare lower the safety setting the lowest it doesn't detect it at all.
  10. Violations:
    #If this is true, all commands will be executed. For example, hack violations 6 = all commands before "6" run as well.
    ExecuteAllCommands: true
    10: tempban %PLAYER% 5m
    100: ban %PLAYER% You have been banned for using the %HACKNAME% hack %HACKAMOUNT% times!

    I do not want to use this feature
    How to disable done ? @joehot200
  11. Maybe do ExecuteAllCommands: false


    ExecuteAllCommands: true
    10: tempban %PLAYER% 5m < JUST REMOVE THIS
    100: ban %PLAYER% You have been banned for using the %HACKNAME% hack %HACKAMOUNT% times! < JUST REMOVE THIS and this
  12. @joehot200 When I did Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade on the server It upgraded to Java 9....Is this gonna be a problem and do I need to roll it back?

    EDIT: Oh Yeaaaa!!! It messed up everything...We're not quite ready for Java9 :D
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  13. Bug: Fastbreak detection goes off when you break plants such as wheat.
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    You could, but I'd watch out for the giant spawned behind you when doing that. I might make the NPCs that spawn configurable, but until then, just watch out for it coming into the players' vision if you change the distance.
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    If you don't want to use it, remove it. All of it.
  16. I bought this plugin yesterday and I have a spigot server 1.8.1 and the plugin doesn't load. I can't even find it on the console
    I tried downloading it again and I deleted the one in the plugins folder, restarted the server and it doesn't load. Please respond as soon as you see this message because I am using nocheatplus and it doesn't protect me from killaura. Later today I'll post in the review page if I don't see a response because I am not sure if the developer reads these messages
  17. You got LibsDisguises and Protocol Lib?
  18. I have Protocol Lib but not the other
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    Well I'm not going to read it if you don't tag me. Luckily, I sometimes notice these messages through random luck when checking the recent threads.

    I suggest you read and follow the instructions here:
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  20. It requires both...Read over the installation instructions again.