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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by joehot200, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. thank you
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  2. @joehot200 I've got 2 bugs to report, both related to snow sheets.

    First is this:
    You're supposed to be able to walk on snowsheets in 1.8, but antiaura blocks it and pushes me to the ground. It even does it when I have a full block worth of snowsheets

    and second is:

    In vanilla minecraft you can place snow on the sides of the snowsheet and it would place it on-top, even from the bottom. AntiAura blocks this.

    Both are bugs that people rarely notice, considering snow only rarely spawns floating and isn't possible to be placed in the air. And snowsheets isn't something people often place (considering it's not normally obtainable), but they're bugs nonetheless. Low priority ones.
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  3. when player pvp they get rollbacked, especially when they go in the water.
    What can I do to make this better for the player? Thank you!
  4. Thank you
    Now another problem. Players get often rollbacked when they pvp, especially when they get into the water...
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    I'm currently not aware of any bugs of that nature. Could you clarify what you're talking about?
  6. i'm using your plugin in my mininetwork, (bungee + protocolsupport) and in 1.5.2 version sound of hits are continuous u can fix this?
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    I don't know much about 1.5.2, so I don't know why or when it would create sounds.
  8. Is it compatible 1.7.10 spigot?
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  10. Thanks. Good plugin thanks for plugin.
  11. Whenever I break plants (such as wheat/seeds) It seems to trigger fastbreak detection. By the way... My threshold is at 500....
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  12. Players are kicking without hacking @joehot200

    #Enable this forcefield checker? it is designed to catch advanced clients.
    Enabled: true
    #This check learns from player behaviour. What would you like the minimum hits to be for learning from players?
    #Before players have hit entities this many times, this check will be disabled until it gets the information it needs.
    MinimumEvaluationChecks: 500
    #If your player count is lower than this, this secret check WILL BE DISABLED.
    #Not enough players can mean that a single player can extremely skew the average, making this check not detect properly, or detect non-hackers.
    EnableAfterPlayers: 5
    #How many times must someone be detected as hacking for the command to execute?
    Threshold: 25
    #How much do you want the players' Threshold to go down every time they make a non-hacking hit?:
    SafeHitDecrease: 20
    #Enable this option to use the average statistics of players rather than a hard-coded one.
    UseAverage: false
    #What command would you like to execute when a player is detected for forcefield?
    SecretCommand: 'kick %PLAYER% hileni kapat! S'
  13. Players who spam torches get kicked for fast place.
  14. Yeah, fastbreak and fastplace are really bugged atm... Having a ton of issues with them, even disabling them didn't work. (I used plugman to reload it, not sure if that's the issue)
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    I do not disable FastBreak checks for creative players, ever.
  16. They're not in creative.
  17. joehot200


    What's the bug, and how is it related to the secret check? I am confused.

    Could you try disabling the HeadPlayer?
  18. joehot200


    Then FastBreak should be disabled.

    Unless my obfuscation somehow grabs the value and stores it... Which is actually quite likely.

    Definitely some known issues with reloading at some times though.
  19. continuously kicks users, nodus , by fly , by speedhack and whether or not cheat , so do not recommend this plugin.
  20. Nodus, fly, and Speed are hacks, of course it kicks users.
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