Spigot AntiAura (checkAura) 0.3

Check if someone has kill aura, easy to use.

  1. maciekmm submitted a new resource:

    AntiAura (checkAura) - Check if someone has kill aura, easy to use.

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  2. I thought of something like this a few months ago :p

    You just saved me some time and money!
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  3. This looks wicked (awesome)! I'll put this on my KitPVP server when I make it. :D
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  4. Great plugin, I have a feature suggestion if you're interested. Would it be possible to add a command that would test every single player for kill aura? This would be incredibly useful for PvP servers

    Thanks for making the plugin! :)
  5. this would be resource expensive, maybe threee/four per 3secs. also i plan to add optiob to test on connect and when someone really fast kill several people
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  6. Yeah, thought it would be :/ Sounds good to me :)

  7. As said in review

    Also an option to spawn npc undearneath player would that work? I mean it will be very easy to spot if a guy randomly attacks his feet :D ? I just don't know if lag between server/client would support it?
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  8. @vanjavk it's why i added config option for that, i may look into sending Invisibility EFFECT, but it was not working for me.
  9. How about spawning npc under player? They would be harder to notice for guy who uses killaura and he will still be able to hit them (i think) ?
  10. Some clients don't attack invisibles.

    Thanks for this, awesome!
  11. I'll try, but it could glitch it.
  12. WOW I love you it is actually working! thank you so much for making this plugin! :D
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  13. joehot200


    Could you please add a configuration option to randomly check a random player for killaura at regular intervals?
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  14. Spawn behind the player?
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  15. joehot200


    "Hacked" clients will eventually account for this plugin. They could easily make it so that they only hit people in their FOV.
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  16. PhanaticD


    clients already have the option to only attack field of view

    would be nice if there was a reload command :p
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  17. Hey, could you fix a random anti aura check as joeshot200 said and a config with tests of every users? That would be awesome if you could add it :).
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