Spigot AntiAura (checkAura) 0.3

Check if someone has kill aura, easy to use.

  1. Update coming:
    • Spawning fake players only in player's POV
    • Invisibility is now disabled by default
    • Random checks for players not involved in combat
    • Invisibility effect instead of flag
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  2. PhanaticD


    what would be pretty awesome is make it auto run a check if they hit a certain NCP violations
  3. Cool, must look into ncp api though
  4. Will it be a log of the players getting auto checked? And could you also check so it says "Aura check result for (name): killed 0 out of 6"
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  5. @johandre
    Yes there will be a log in global log file or separated log file (configurable).
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  6. I dont get it,

    How I know if he/she has aura?

    It is enough if it kills 1/4 or it has to kill 4/4
  7. it has to kill at least 3, you should make several testcfor more accuracy
  8. Great idea.

    A couple of improvements though that would make it even better:

    A notify permission that tells those with the permission that "x player failed the check" kind of like nocheatplus does.

    A section to run commands on players that failed the check and failed it after so many tries, like:

    FailedChecks = 3

    - Ban <Player> Hacking
  9. One thing I can say...I think you need to add a variable in the command to define if players are invisible or not.

    Also, You need to have a long list of names of the fake players. Otherwise clients will catch on and just not attack that name. You need to make where people can either define their own list of names...or have your plugin generate a random string of numbers for the name.

    In fact...the best thing you could is is add a TON of variables to it. Something like this:


    That's a lot I know, but that would solve all the problems...then you could also have the config setup just to do the default command...like if I just did:

    /auracheck [USER]

    It would run the command with the setup the person has in their config.
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  10. Checks on players that aren't pvping... Thats not useful really most turn there hacks off after pvping
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  11. About when will the plugin be updated to auto check players in pvp? ;)
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  12. hey
    is possible to change the spawn method of ncp? it would be nice if you could make something like this

    entity to spawn: x (from config) now let use 4
    1 entity spawn behind or above of victim, if the victim kill it: the plugin will spawn another entity somewhere else, if the victim kill it: it spawn another entity somewhere else, if the victim kill it: it spawn last entity somewhere else, if the victim kill it: run anycommand specified somewhere like /tempban, but if the fisrt entity is not killed, the player result is negative to hacks and it dont need to spawn others entity.
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  13. PhanaticD


    what would be nice is make it so anyone with a staff permission can see the auracheck results, that way if someone is throwing nocheatplus hitting multiple entities, get it to automatically run auracheck on them, and staff can see the results
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  14. I hope by 7-9th of June
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  15. Actually plugin should be ready after weekend :)
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  16. what will be added to this version ?
  17. Not sure yet what features i'll include, some are not tested yet.