Spigot AntiAura (checkAura) 0.3

Check if someone has kill aura, easy to use.

  1. When will you release the next update?
    Did you added the invisibility by potion effect?
    Nice plugin man
  2. No, i have some problems with invisibility. Also trying to make everything more configurable.
    I'll shift release date by a week i think. I want to release good update.
  3. Some news about update?
  4. Well, yes I have finals right now, and i participate in SpigotPluginCompetition. Update will be 100% in next week. Thanks.
  5. What did you change?
    I hope you will win the competition
  6. Competition is just a funny event, i don't focus on winning it.
  7. What did you add in the next version?
    When do you release it?
  8. Mainly NCP integration.
    Some other cool features such as unlimited amount of bots.
    If checks fail x times in a row (when used NCP) execute command.

    Random checks when not in combat.
  9. but when do you releash it!!
  10. joehot200


    Add the name of the person being aura checked!!

    I used a commandblock to auracheck @a, and 2 people were using KillAura, but I had to go through every player online to find out who!!
  11. Expect cool API, custom names, custom messages, ncp hooks in next release. No ETA yet, paid projects gain more priority over my open-sourced works.
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  12. Maciekmm I really need this plugin, when do you thing you will release the update?
  13. Can't wait! :)
  14. That sounds very good :)

    Yes, when do you release it? You said that "you will release it 100 % next week" and this would be the last week...

    Yes, a really awesome idea.
  15. I have majority of things made, I decided to rewrite plugin.
  16. People pay for something..
    After the release of the update of the plugin we can pay, but not now
  17. if you want him to release the update you should donate now, it will make him more interest to work on this plugin
  18. Theepwner


    This might not be very relevant or possible to do anything about, but there was a hacker on my server using kill aura... Whenever someone would auracheck him, he would instantly disconnect. It seemed to be some type of auto-disconnect on an aura check.

    To make sure it was just him, I aurachecked other players. And as expected, it did not cause them to disconnect.