Spigot AntiAura (checkAura) 0.3

Check if someone has kill aura, easy to use.

  1. Theepwner


    Had this weird error when I used /auracheck (name)

    The plugin wasn't even working for some weird reason.
    Fixed it with a server restart...?
  2. update soon please :)
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  3. Maybe make the NPC's have 1 heart or half a heart so they will die instantly. So when they have KillAura turned on, he/she will kill the NPC's instantly and it will make it more clear if they have it on or not. Also maybe adding a command to allow a Mod/Admin to see the NPC's but the person using the Hacked client can't see the NPC's?

    Sorry is none of that made sense. I'm really tired.
  4. Really Like this plugin!

    Is there advised "optimal" settings for the config?

    Im running it at 10 ticks with 4 invisible fake players.

    Anyone seen more accurate results with different setting?
  5. PLS update it !!
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  6. PhanaticD


    the NCP's dont disappear with spigot 1595
  7. Could somone please update it so it auto checks the players??
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  8. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Done, plus a few extras requested by others in here https://github.com/Dmck2b/AntiAura/releases

    To check in conjunction with NCP, add a command to NCP's config and make it execute on a certain violation level.
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  9. hey dmck2b is possible to have something like: when the plugin check a player it spawn one entity behind the player, if the player dont kill it, it give negative to hack but if the player kill it another entity will spawn to different position and if the player kill it, it get positive to hack, maybe make this configurable by config, number of entity: x

    Thank you
  10. Awesome thanks! Could you please add so you can add your own ban message though.
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  11. externo6


    Hey, any reason why it now spawns in double what you specify in the config? Eg if I set it to spawn in 2, it will spawn in 4.
    Also if you specify more than 2, it will not put them around the player, just in one area.
    In the image bellow, config is set to 4, yet it spawns in 8 players
  12. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    From what I can tell it rounds to the next multiple of 4 for the position builder. I'll see what I can do in a while.

    I'll edit it in when I get somewhere with the above issue
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  13. externo6


    Thanks! :D

    Would it also be possible so the 'ban' can be configured to be temp?
  14. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Both fixed/added https://github.com/Dmck2b/AntiAura/releases/tag/0.21-FORK

    I'm not good with the java date api and I'm in a bit of a rush to pick some stuff up, sorry.
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  15. Awesome thanks, I ment a custom ban command though. I want the players to be banned on the whole network with "sync console bungee gban (name) Hacking"
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  16. externo6


  17. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Ah, I'll see what I can do when I get the chance tomorrow
  18. OMG i love you! :) but i would know if is possible to make entity follow the player if he move? i dont mean make the entity walk like the player, just keep near the player in case he start run (expecially with speed effect), and actually the entity always spawn behind the player (also if the player is watching to north, east, west and south) ?
    thank you
  19. What about saving the config file?
  20. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    I have little to no experience with protocollib so I'm not really sure how to fake movement, could always just replace them halfway into the time though.

    Current placement does put them behind you already already, (where x is a bot, w is nothing and y is you)


    Code (Text):