Spigot AntiAura (checkAura) 0.3

Check if someone has kill aura, easy to use.

  1. This look good, and yeah make them realistic walking is pretty useless
  2. Dmck2b

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  3. Thanks the only problem is that the command isn't excuting ;)

    My config:
    ticksToKill: 10 # Ticks till removal
    amountOfFakePlayers: 2 # Amount to spawn
    invisibility: false # Invisible players or not
    autoBanOnXPlayers: 10 # If someone kills this many, they will be autobanned
    silentBan: true # If false, user will be kicked on ban, always enabled if using a custom command
    randomlyRun: true # Randomly select a player
    runEvery: 20 # If above is true, how many ticks between each check
    defaultType: "running" # Running or standing style
    banMessage: "ANTI-AURA: Passed threshold" # Ban message
    kickMessage: "ANTI-AURA: Passed threshold" # Kick message
    enable: true
    command: sync console bungee gban %player Hacking
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  4. Dmck2b

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    Bukkit commands are working fine for me, I'll setup commandsync and see if thats the cause

    EDIT: @johandre working fine for me http://i.imgur.com/N8Q4ztA.png
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  5. @Dmck2b
    i would like to make logs with bans and kicks... is it possible?
  6. ohhh I though autoBanOnXPlayers was all the players together, it is working awesome now though thanks :D
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  7. Dmck2b

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  8. lol dmck2b is under attack xD
  9. Damn you're amazing, any way I can donate to you? Paypal email?
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  10. oh tnks!!! fck amazing!!
  11. Dmck2b

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    If you really want to, [email protected]
  12. can you make it so that it check when someone enter pvp and add a ingame fuction to command so that you can test if there using aura. for example
    /ac testinvisble <player> #using invisible bot
    /ac testvisible <player> #using visible bot
  13. Vouch: It works!
  14. Dmck2b

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    Literally only made sure it compiles as I'm in a bit of a rush, compile from latest source

    Commit: https://github.com/Dmck2b/AntiAura/commit/8c38e06f801f720818db5dd88670279a1ceba0e0

    EDIT: Seems to have broken several things, I'll try fix asap

    EDIT 2: Fixed, binary can be found here https://github.com/Dmck2b/AntiAura/releases/tag/0.24
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  15. Can modded clients with kill-aura detect and cancel auto-killing invisible entities?
  16. Dmck2b

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    Some do, but a lot don't.
  17. Awsome fork! Thanks Dmck2b

    It's possible to make the Random Tests only tests players who's on PvP mode? Or it would be necessary to hook with alot of plugins for that?

    For now I'm using Multiverse (PvP Off worlds), Worldguard and PvPTime, these plugins alters the PvP state on my server!
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  18. Dmck2b

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    Ill look into it tomorrow evening if I get the chance.
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  19. can you make it so that it check when someone enter pvp i can give you the source code of a similar plugin that use combatlog and protocollib. The reason i dont use that antiaura plugin is because combatlog doesnt work on our server and we use pvpmanager