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  1. I know this is answered multiple times but all posts i have found are outdated or does not apply to me
    So my question is what is the best way to protect from Bot attacks i have good ddos protection but the bot attacks almost instantly crash my server

    My server is a single server so Centry Bot will not do the job and any other i tried i fail, i mean it blocks first 100 players and the rest just crash the server
    If this solution is not completely using plugin you can give me any advice thanks

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi,
    I suggest you to use Jh_antibot followed by a iptable firewall or similar.

    In the link below there are 2k ip of bots that I have collected over the years (some are from Deathbot and others are IPs from other botspam services)

    Code (YAML):
  3. I've just tested that it kinda work but as long as it is attacked i am not able to join
  4. the only way is allowing access to users who are premium, or simply allow the player there were already joined on the server before the ride... I'm looking for a similar solution, the best one that I found is JH_antibot, that allow to join during the attack only the users that are Joined befor the attack or in the withelist (config.yml) and especially it does not increase the number of online players in the server during the attack. Ah it's olso is free xD
  5. Well it works i checked it but i can only register players manually i am trying a way to add players who already joined
  6. I suggest you to give a look on the log file and collect all ip of players that tried to join during the attack and block it's to the iptable firewall, (olso you can just block my 2k ip)
  7. Can you add me on discord ? NekrosBurek#4784
  8. I try to create a plugin to do this :)
    I tell you when i finish (i made it for free)
  9. yes my discord is xSavior_of_God#2204