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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by FusionStyleFX, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    I would hope this isn't true.
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  2. As you may see rhis resource is running pretty good, we really put work in keeping our image clean.

    We have better things to do then botting poeple ^^

    Can you may tell us who said that?
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  3. One of theese "things" is for exmaple creating a plugin which prevents bots from joining.
    So, there is actually no reason for us to bot anyone.
  4. Andre_601


    Don't worry. It isn't true.
    That's probably someone who's salty, that he didn't get support in less than 5 minutes.
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  5. Really really needs some sort of reload command. It's incredibly annoying to configure this plugin on a live server because you have to reboot the entire bungee instance.
  6. Andre_601


    AntiBotDeluxeEX does automaticly apply changes that are made in the config.
    No reload nor restart of the server are required.

    If you need help with the plugin, feel free to join the Discord for support:
  7. Hello, are constantly spamming this command in console
    [ AntiBot ] Hang on, there seems to be a slight issue. Please wait up to 3 minutes...
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  8. We do not support here.
  9. Not True? Please MD_5 Open DM and ill show you the threats they made to me!
  10. @Andre_601 @md_5 Here you have ALL the Screenshots, they were DDosing me because i told them their antibots was very bad. They Ddosed me, and his dev helper, attacked my server, Fusion wanted me to suicide and insulted me too.
    This is the type of Premium Resource developer... Hope you do something with them.. CodeCo and fusion..

    PD: I'm posting this with this account, because Its my main, The plugin is bought with my brothers account 'RavenZ (You can check if its my brother account or not and if i have it bought :))'

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3
    Screenshot 4
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  11. Andre_601


    Uhm... I don't see any proove that either CodeCo or FusionCoding DDosed you....
    Only a "He attacked" drawn really badly at the last image.... And there is no proove that CodeCo made a attack... Check your "evidence" before wasting our time ok?

    Also about Fusion: Everyone would react like that, if they need to help people like you that always have "issues" because they're just made wrong configurations and then blame the dev for making something wrong.
    Again: You should first check, what YOU are doing, before blaming other people!
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  12. Funny how you're also advertising another anti bot plugin in your signature. Coincidence? :thinking:
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  13. The antibots im advertising is not mine, its an antibots that worked good for me, also, F
    With the images u can see the real FusionCoding, he threatened me, and in the photos u can see him insulting me.
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  14. I dont knew that insulting poeple because of a reason which has nothing to do with SpigotMC is forbidden?
    Let me clarify some things. I never ddosed, attacked or somehow harmed you. You was interested in AntiBotDeluxeEX and we showed you that it works, after that you bought it and installed it without doing anything on the configuration file. We wanted to help you with our Free configuration services but you were just mad about it not working out of the box because you have slightly more players so it needs some adjustements, I mean it worked, just kicked some Real players. You wanted a refund, I told you to tell md_5 to remove you from the Buyerlist and I would have refunded without any problems but what happended? You denied. After that you started to scream around how bad AntiBotDeluxeEX is, you told poeple that "GeoCheck" needs activation whatever, stupid lies to harm us. Then you started to insult us and be mad on us, from that day you talked shit about us everywhere. Then you started to tell everybode how your selfcoded AntiBot is the reason I said "skid" is because you only know Skript and Java is something complete new to you, altought you got DynamicAntiBot installed.

    Also this is more than 2 months ago, I should'nt have insulted you, but seriouly get back to earth.

    Kind Regards.
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  15. What type of supporter are you? i did checked all, he just insulted me, but he insulted me because i told i had a better antibots, thats why he insulted me, not because i dont know how to config it.
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  16. King regards after telling me to cut my arms? Also, where are your evidences of ALL that u have said? I sent pictures of you insulting me hard. U dont
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  17. You have better AntiBot? Why you change the topic? I dont care if yours is better or mine, I just care about AntiBotDeluxe.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  18. Yeah but i never told someone to suicide and u just insulted at the first time that i askwd for support
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  19. Any proofs that we insulted you when you asked for support first time? :)
  20. Andre_601


    wow.... Just wow....
    Dude. Do you take any medicine or are you high? Why is not showing any pictures a proove of not saying the truth?
    You also didn't show us the "proove" that Fusion or CodeCo made the DDoS-Attack.

    Also you wanna know what kind of "Support" I am?
    First of all The "Support"-Badge here doesn't mean, that I'm a part of the Spigot-Team, if you thought that. It just means, that I supported SpigotMC with one or more donations.
    And Next I'm a person that knows, how to proove stuff and not acting like the reborn jesus.
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