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  1. Is there anyway i can hide the essentials antibuild messages so that it just doesnt say anything when the player breaks a block for example they dont have permisions to touch.
    It gets annoying to get spammed with messages meaning you could miss something in chat like a player asking you a question.
  2. You edit the language file...Let me look real quick, I did this for custom enchants....
  3. Oh ah, also i got a plotworld and i dont want them breaking ID 159:5 (Green stained clay) because its the flooring and i dont want players destroying there plots only being able to build on top, how can i block them placing it because i got
    Code (Text):
    yet it does not do anything, then i added the -essentials.interact..... perm and players cannot build on top of their plots
  4. Blacklist that in WorldGuard....
  5. Hmm, does this have a perm to it also because i want my donators to be able to break it but not normal players
  6. Your talking about ModifyWorld Perms? Turn on debug and look, essentials isn't the only thing that interacts with blocks.
  7. I dont use modify world?
  8. I suggest you use it if you want to fine grain block editing like that. If anyone knows of an easier way, I'd like to know too.
  9. I downloaded it, how can i block placing and mining 159:5 but allow people to build on top of it
  10. Turn on pex debug and look at the perm that is allowing it, Then deny that perm.
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  11. I don't allow player to repair enchanted Gold and Iron armor and this is the perm to do that...
    Code (Text):
        - -modifyworld.items.take.goldboots:?*.of.anvil
        - -modifyworld.items.take.goldchestplate:?*.of.anvil
        - -modifyworld.items.take.ironsword:?*.of.anvil
        - -modifyworld.items.take.goldleggings:?*.of.anvil
        - -modifyworld.items.take.goldhelmet:?*.of.anvil
        - -modifyworld.items.take.ironpickaxe:?*.of.anvil
        - -modifyworld.items.take.ironspade:?*.of.anvil
  12. The :?* covers every conceivable variation of that object.
  13. Ah thanks, right i managed to block mining 159:5 but how can i allow someone to place any block on top of 159:5 but not mine the 159:5 block

    EDIT: Dont worry fixed it! :D Thanks so much for your help! :D
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  14. The modify world has take, put ect to control every aspect of interaction....I suggest maybe hiring a Dev if you need that much help.
  15. I suggest posting your solution so it may help others...Thats what this is all about.