Anticheat 1.12.2

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  1. Hello,
    I am searching for an free anticheat for 1.12.2 that doesn't kick players for having levitation effect.
    Any recommendations for ACs or configurations?
    • AutoEye
    • NoCheatPlus
    • WatchCat
    • Daedalus
    • NiroNoCheat
    • OmegaAntiCheat
    Everyone on this list kicks/bans players when having levitation effect
  2. What about disabling fly-kick? If you are worried that other players, who actually hack can fly.
    The default spigot anticheat detects fly hack.
  3. This might work. But I thought there might be an anticheat that checks if a player has levitation and doesn't trigger.
  4. I don't think anti-cheats support levitation, since most of anti-cheats don't have survival exploration in mind.
  5. If you're running the latest version of NoCheatPlus it should allow you to use the levitation effect. Make sure you're running the correct version.

    If you're still experiencing problems, feel free to message me and I can help sort out the issue.
  6. I don't recall any issues with NoCheatPlus as far as the levitation effect in the latest development build. Try the least release.
  7. Celebrimbor


    NoCheatPlus will be, hands down, your best free AC option. Consider upgrading it with the config made by the author above (his signature). It costs a little $, but very worth it.

    NCP should work with levitation.