AntiCheat/AntiHack for servers

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What do you guys think is the best AntiCheat/AntiHack?

  1. AutoEye

  2. Hawk

  3. Matrix

  4. NoCheatPlus

  5. Spartan

  6. Taka

  7. Iris

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  1. Hello there,

    I have a Bungee network. All my servers run on MC 1.15.2 and I am quite happy with my set up so far. Everything runs smooth and I am satisfied with the experience of my players.

    However, as we become more and more, it gets more likely that we run into hackers here and there. Since we are only playing survival, it isn't that bad but still sucks if an unfair advantage is given to somehow through a piece of software.

    So here's my question: What do you guys recommend as AntiCheat for my purposes?
    I don't care if it's a paid or a free plugin but there are so many on the market, that I can't see advantages and disadvantages so I ask you guys for personal experiences. There are anticheats like Spartan, Matrix, Iris and more. What do you guys like the most and why?

  2. Hawk doesn't work on the 1.15 series. It only works on 1.7.10 and 1.8.8.
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  3. Hello, I recommend Matrix works quite well, it is frequently updated and you can receive support in the discord
    I do not recommend the anticheat Verus is expensive the developer does not usually support and responds after 1 week I found 7 bypasses which were never patched
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  4. proof you have verus bought, as i dont have bypasses
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  5. First of all, you didn't find 7 Verus "bypasses" and second of all, Matrix false flags a lot, and from my testing it is not reliable at all when it comes to detecting anything really, I've seen all kinds of falses with just normally playing around. I just don't understand why on every anticheat-related topic you bring up Matrix.

    To OP:
    I would highly recommend you to just get something that you know is stable. Nothing worse than an AntiCheat that falses more than it detects (*coughs*)
  6. Hi, I haven't bought Verus
    is to waste money
    I have tried the anticheat for 1 week
    and I do not recommend
    it has good things like any anticheat but I was also able to find
    there are good and cheaper anticheats
    I had video and images but I deleted them showing those different
  7. You're welcome to check my signature for an up to date NCP fork and configuration. Outside of that, I have a very hard time recommending anything apart from Spartan at this time.
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  8. You are standing your claims on literally nothing. You HAVEN'T found any bypasses from what you've shown us, just some pointless messages from someone who's literally completely unknown in the community. And the bypasses he claimed that he found, IF that's the case, are not of any importance. Finally, keep in mind Verus is one of the most expensive and known anticheats at this current moment thus there are way more client developers trying to make bypasses for it than some free alternatives like Matrix for instance. Please think before you judge or critique someone's product especially when you haven't even bought it and you are standing your opinion on negative comments other people have made about it
  9. That's hilarious. If I was a hacked client developer, I'd spend my time finding exploits in more known/popular anti-cheats as that means the hacked client has much more utility. More servers use public or budget friendly anti-cheats and only a handful of server owners are willing to even consider dropping $50+ on an anti-cheat. The expensive price tag that you needed to flex is a turn off for both parties - server owners and cheaters alike.
    Not bashing your work, never tried it myself so I can't judge it. Just pointing out my option and how self-centered your statement is.
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  10. i dropped 125. on verus
  11. Hello I see that you are still trying to defend your product for no apparent reason
    I'm just giving my opinion I've tried Verus for 1 week and it's not to my liking to find some bypass
    and the attention was very slow
    in the photo if you check I am talking to the Dev of the anticheat in fact they gave me access to the test server
  12. First of all I don't develop for Verus, I am just someone defending it. And in fact most server owners are willing to drop WAY MORE than a $50 anticheat. I've had commissions for anticheats myself that I was paid way more than that and was not even something that I'd consider hard to do, just blatant checks. Also Verus is one of the most popular and highly rated AntiCheats
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