anticheat can check if player was banned?

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  1. hey,
    so i was wondering how does a system work like hypixel watchDog and familiar stuff
    so like a first threat the anticheat bans for a week or a month and then
    if the player cheated again the anticheat checks it and bans him for 3 months and then for a year and then prob perm

    so i wondered how does it work? is there a plugin to connect it?
    any help will be nice
  2. SteelPhoenix


    Keep in mind that Hypixel's anticheat and ban plugins are custom and designed to work together, but yea plugins can hook into each other
  3. so, what plugins do i need to make it work so like a "checking system"
  4. Watchdog is, to my best guess, just a point system (with I assume extra checks on top of ncp if they didn't just fork in their own checks). Set off enough checks and get enough points added, then your account gets punished. I have unintentionally recreated this to an extent with Kyra but as far as their punishment, Hypixel does flat out permanently ban for cheating. For a history of punishments, and in general ban plugin, I strongly recommend litebans.
  5. ok, and if i do use litebans, my question is how do i make ban check, so like if its the first ban trheat it will be a week but if its the third it will be a year or something. so how can you do that?
  6. Haven't managed a server that uses it in over a year but, as nice as it would be to automate this with litebans, you would have to manually check with /litebans history (name).

    What you're referring to is possible with Kyra by just adding another infraction which is why I mentioned it. You would probably need a custom plugin made otherwise that checks previous punishment history as there aren't any thing do what you're looking for as far as I recall and I explore the resources updated frequently.