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  1. Before you start posing here saying: OH MY GOSH, THIS IS SO STUPID WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, hear me out.

    Now, hackers have been a problem for years, and still, they are bypassing the newest anticheats etc. My idea was not to implement an actual anticheat into Spigot, but something that simply checked what version you were joining with, and if that version was detected as a hacked client, it would kick you for using hacks or something. I am not 100% sure if this is possible.

    One thing I know is there is a plugin (I forget what it is called) which makes you install an application before joining the server which checks to see if you are joining with a hacked client. But one problem is with that is that all players must install that app to play which probably gets annoying having to start it up before playing.

    My idea is that you could implement something into Spigot like this, but I am not sure if this is 100% possible.
  2. couldnt the clients just trick the server upon login connection and spoof their real version?
  3. Any client could simply send a packet saying "I'm using 1.X" and bypass any sort of early warning system. Simply, this is a nice thought but it isn't exactly going to accomplish much.
  4. This is what ghost clients are for. You can't detect them like this.
    You mean
    Your player base would not grow as not many people would install an application from an unknown publisher they don't know of or trust.
  5. Yes thanks, but what if that was implementable into Spigot without the application installation part?

    And this plugin kicks ghost clients aswell.
  6. Ghost clients are simply hacked clients with either better randomization to bypass checks looking for patterns and have a minimal impact in gaming aspects such as pvp (so aim-bots and anti-knockback) to make it seem like the player isn't hacking. By making hacks less blunt and giving the 'hacker' less of an advantage in combat, they are less likely to be detected. The entire concept of ghost clients is honesty silly as they should be called minimalistic hacked clients if anything since they just cover a small number of hacks and they hardly give the user an advantage in gameplay.
  7. Hex

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    Why? You've got a plugin that serves as anti-cheat, why do you need a builtin implementation?
  8. the only actual way to decrease the amount of hackers on your server is doing something similar to badlion with creating their own client side launcher which sets your minecraft version you want to use and then being able to play with other players using the launcher, the sole problem with this is that hack client creators could over time get a hold of the code used to add you to the client using list and bypass it that way.
  9. I'm not sure why anyone would want this because the client version can easily be spoofed like others said moreover It could create additional burden/lag as the client and server would communicate more
  10. MiniDigger


    I am strictly against including something like that into spigot.

    It's not maintainable for spigot
    It always needs updates
    It will affect performance

    It's just like the anti xray, it's better as a plugin.
  11. I don't think packaged content is terrible, as long as it's easily removable. maybe preinstalled plugins when it loads the initial files.
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    But why? Is it that much work to install a plugin yourself?
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  13. Yeah, the community security plugins would probably be better anyway. Support would probably be more timely.