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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Nyceter, Apr 1, 2020.

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  1. hi! i'm looking for an anticheat that would work on my server and would catch majority of hackers
    my server is 1.8 practice with kitmap on the spawn
    can you please recommend me an anticheat that would suit my server?
    feel free to recommend premium resources too
    thank you for your time reading this and have a nice day :)
  2. Matrix
  3. i have bad experience with matrix, full of false positives etc
    so probably not :) but thanks for any recommendations
  4. Not on here but I'm waiting for InsaneAC to come out of the development phase. Currently open to testing on the test server and I'm just reporting tons of false positives RN.
  5. One those anti-cheats would be perfect for your server.
  6. the problem is, i don't know which one, that's why i made this thread :)
    have a nice day
    1 am for me so i better go to sleep now
  7. @Nyceter I suggest you check out Hawk AntiCheat, it's a lesser known anti-cheat, but has surprisingly competent combat hack detections for a free plugin. I've used it before on my old Minecraft server and it does just the trick, however I don't believe it has support for BungeeCord so it will only be good if you use non-bungee servers. Trust me it's the best one you'll find for free:
  8. I've been using AAC for a while with Celebrimbor's config and I'm very satisfied with it, however there are a couple of false positives but other then that it works very well.
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  9. The best anticheats you'll get on here are premium, about 60% of the free anticheats are pretty lousily coded, stolen or have false detections left right and center.
  10. i have a friend with kauri and we tried it on my server
    however it didn't work for us even with right version of atlas
    i think it was kauri 2.3, i really don't understand anticheats much, if you know, what plugins/version of atlas it requires, please tell me :)
  11. Kauri is useful when used correctly, but I still go by what I said yesterday in that Hawk is the best you'll get for the amazing price of nothing. It's also handy to have because it doesn't require specific knowledge, all you need to know is YAML.
  12. Kauri Currently Uses Atlas 1.8 im pretty sure
  13. i might try hawk, any other recommendations on an anticheat tho? :)
  14. got my friend on and we tried iris, but that one doesn't work there too
    not sure why :(
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