Anticheat Plugin[I Need help]

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by cella, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. I want to develop an Anticheat where should I start?

    I'm sorry for my bad english I'm from Argentina
  2. Developing an anti-cheat is very advanced, if you have no Java and Spigot knowledge, you shouldn't even try.
  3. I feel ready, but I do not know where to start
  4. You are not ready if you dont know where to start..
  5. Files, Configs, Events, Commands, Checks, Managers, Punishments.
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  6. There are cheats in which the client sends some information to the server. For example, quick strikes on mobs, flying, etc. In this case, you need to check whether the player can perform this action.
    There are also cheats that work with the client's render. For example, highlight the mobs behind the wall, etc. Here everything is more difficult, it is necessary to define on indirect signs.
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  7. 1. Learn machine learning
    2. Make a unique model
    3. Tweak the model
    4. Test the model
    5. Goto step 3
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  8. Machine learning is a waste of the time :)
    Uses up resources (bad for lower end servers / laptops), barely works (look at hypixel xd).
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  9. Yes, these are the drawbacks of machine-learning based anti-cheat.
    But think about it. Massive calculations could be handled by cloud computing platforms; Most importantly, if you made a unique model that works decently, what you need to do (for a long time) is just maintaining datasets. In order words, you don't have to manually design checks that are made up of complicated logic and write boring codes every time a new hack client appears. (on the premise that your model has not been leaked, otherwise it would be easily bypassed as hackers could know factors utilized in detection from the model)
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  10. Fair points, but as a business or on a economic point of view; if this is a free anticheat or just a one time purchase especially with little reputation unless showcases of promise gains traction, it is not worth it, many people will stick to their leaks, cracks or AAC
  11. send tutorials of this please
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  12. Educate yourself. Look at source code and Google what you don't understand. You're the one claiming you're ready, so you don't need tutorials, right? ;)
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  13. You said you were ready.
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  14. I was referring to Neural Network...
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  15. Actually it’s working quite well for hypixel. It’s now much harder to make a bypassing cheat for hypixel. However, what hypixel does isn’t really machine learning but more statistical analysis. They have like 20-30 hard-coded checks at the moment that don’t ban since they are in testing until their data proves false positives are minimal.

    I’m offended. Maybe this is why I’m not making much money tho.

    Any anticheat tutorial check will probably be bypassed unless it’s made to be unbypassable, which is possible.
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  16. Dude, I wonder how u know that? I aint believe that those details are public.
  17. Because I have friend inside their team. Plus, I would have guessed that anyway considering that’s how I would do it with a network that big.
  18. I’m going to be quite honest, any new client coming out will probably be a skidded piece of garbage. Plus, if you make your anticheat right, there won’t be much of a need to improve your checks if an actually well-made new client comes out.

    Tbh, almost all clients I have used have a killaura skidded from virtue. So this is where machine learning could accel. Buuuut, its also faster and easier just to hardcode it.
  19. Blah blah blah okay where's ur evidence supporting your claims, sir? I wonder whether you could elaborate on it. :)
  20. Honestly at the moment there are many AC's out there. Many that are good. False positives will always occur, no matter how good the AC is. It's a very good project though, but if you don't know where to start it seems a bit too early for you to create such a time-consuming plugin.

    You should start (like with almost any plugin) by creating a core and building from there. Create checks, multiple checks, but it takes a long time because they're probably not all as good and they need to be tested thoroughly.
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