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  1. Give me your recommendations for a good anticheat. I will use it on a Survival Residence server.
  2. Celebrimbor


    Server version? Budget?
  3. 1.8, price doesn't matter as long as it isn't 100$+
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  4. AAC or Spartan are my go-to options. There are loads of threads that compare them, search for some and do a little research to find which one would be best suited for you.
  5. Try to use AAC. You could use some add-on.
  6. Feel free to check my signature. I test regularly on the listed survival test server.
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  7. No offense, but AAC sucks. Spartan doesn't really suit my needs either.
    NCP is pretty basic, not what i need.

    I already decided to use TakaAntiCheat, mods can lock this thread.
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  8. spartan anti cheat. because that support 1.13
  9. Fiona, it's a super good one.
  10. I'm using Phoenix Anti-Cheat. Had to do some tweaks but it performs pretty damn well for a free resource. A user logged in and was playing on the server for a while, then they decided to turn on KillAura and they were immediately flagged and locked in place, and the notify function acts instantly. Not only that, but it doesn't use much for resources on the server, and it doesn't interfere with my players' experiences much. 9.5/10 :)
  11. AAC is really good with movement hacks.
  12. I'm currently using AAC and it blocks most of the hack but not silent client hack.

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