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  1. Hello! I am Elevated and I am planning onto posting an anti-cheat on this website. I had already made a post about if I should post an anti-cheat here and it being worth it or not ( and the response was mostly positive so I'd like to hear what things you'd like to be implemented here! Any suggestions are accepted.

    Here's a description about what the plugin already has:
    It currently has an almost full-proof system against combat movement and packet hacks, catching both blatant and closet cheats (such as AimAssist, Unbelievably low levels of reach) with there being close to no false-positives. I use a custom packet system so it is not effected AT ALL by other plugins such as McMMO and it barely puts any stress on the server. I have also started working on a customizable yet simple config (as much as I can) so the users don't have any problems. Lastly, I have implemented a judgement-day/ban-wave system which puts the players in a ban queue, and they get banned all at once either by the set amount of time in the config or by forcefully executing it via-command. Lastly, it has some easy-to-use commands to disable/enable checks, see which ones are available and which ones are not and finally check the violations of a player and toggle the player-alerts on and off.

    Here's a description of what I am trying to achieve with this project:
    I have been working on anti-cheats for a long time (you can see some of my vouches in the other thread), and from what I've seen in this website, the solutions being sold here are poorly made, using illogical checks which are never stable and don't really follow the games mechanics to detect cheats and rather use debugged values from random packets and events. In the other hand, every check that I have in this product has a theory behind it and or is straight-out ripped out of Minecraft itself. That means that checks are absolute and there is not much room for bugs or mistakes. The product will not be expensive and it will be affordable to everyone. I am not looking to make much money, I am just trying to set a new standard in the spigot anticheat community.

    Please keep in mind, I am not looking to start any "flame wars" between me or other developers/customers, I am simply trying to hear suggestions about features you'd like to see in the anticheat. (eg: A GUI for checks).

    Thank you for your time, and I cannot wait to hear what you guys come up with!
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  2. Wow this guy knows his stuff!
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  3. Vouch for Elevated, extremely good anti-cheat developer
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  4. Do you have any proof of this anticheat working?
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  5. How much are you planning on selling the anticheat for?
  6. 1. watch 5-10 2b2t videos
    2. make a note of every hack you see
    3. write an anti-cheat for the hacks
    4. profit?

    j/k but download an hacked client and look at the hacks to find the ones you think should be not used. ^^ I wouldn't need any fancy stuff like a gui or whatsoever.. smal config file to dis-/enable features, configurable bans and maybe a setting to make the bans staged... 1 time hacking = 1 ban and so on (Array list in config maybe).
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  7. I don't need recommendations on how I should make checks or whatever, it already detects anything thats considered blatant and most ghost clients. But yeah I do have a small config with a judgement day feature, enabling disabling checks from the config manually or by command and all of that stuff. Plus, as I also stated in the thread, I use actual code from Minecraft to make sure everything runs how it should be, there's not a really point to look at many clients either when most of them either make stupid mistakes with making cheats or when they just don't behave like an actual player would at all, not to mention that most clients are skidded and like most clients have the same cheats but with a different client-name.
  8. You can look in the previous thread I posted here ( I am very experienced with anti-cheats and I've worked with plenty of big people in the community, but if you really don't believe me, I can send you proof or whatever in private messages (feel free to message me here by the way) and I am planning on selling this for like $10/copy. As I have stated before, I am not trying to make money out of this, if I wanted I could just sell the source-code for $300++ without an issue. I am simply trying to set a new standard in the spigot community and getting a little money by doing so.
  9. What about you stop presenting yourself as the only one with knowledge about actual game mechanics and only one attempting to use minecraft's own code to check against?

    It would be 1000% better in my opinion if you'd shorten your explanation and add a list of cheats which should be blocked already so people can think of cheats that are not yet in that list?

    My opinion is that this thread reads more like an advertisment currently.

    You are definitely looking for money as well. Else you'd provide if for free :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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  10. I am mean, there's no motivation to keep coding for a project, alone, if you don't get any money from it, hence why I am asking for some money. Plus, its not easy to make an anticheat and have it work same way as I have, with multi-version support, no depend's etc. That's mostly why I am asking for money, plus little money is better than a lot no? At least for the buyer.

    And about the list of cheats or that, most people wouldn't understand it because I don't exactly check for everything, some checks are just packet checks that happen to flag most cheats like regen fast-bow etc. And it's not really an advertisement, I am legit trying to find actual features that the community would like in an anti-cheat (eg. The judgement-day feature I added because it seemed cool). Keep in mind, I am not asking for check recommendations, just extra features.
  11. To anyone who's interested:

    I will be releasing an open source anti-cheat, If anyone wants a beta-copy make sure to message me!
  12. Just use Matrix.
    It doesn't impact performance and successfully cancels most game-breaking cheat features, such as fly, speedhack, no fall, etc.
    I just set mine to notify only and my legit players don't even know anticheats exists while I can spectate suspicious players and ban them with 100% confidence.
  13. I never wanted you to recommend me an anticheat, I want you to recommend me for FEATURES for an anticheat that ill be selling.
  14. I recommended it to everybody who will find that thread in the future.
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  15. No need to hijack someones thread, that's not nice.

    @Elevated if everything's based on NMS code, then pretty much the only configuration that's necessary is like check toggling, message formatting, ban waves, etc.
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  16. He asked for suggestions for his plugin, I brought into topic something that already exists and works :rolleyes:
    As for now I have no idea about this guy and his plugin, he just said that everybody else does their job bad, talked about how he uses ACTUAL GAME-SENSE behind checks etc and gave an example of how it should detect autoclicks without any problem (is it really hard?)
    Strictly based on Minecraft code bla-bla-bla

    Again, maybe he made the best anticheat in the world or maybe it's another anticheat that will just work 'well'.
    Every anticheat there claims to be the best, yet all of them provide false positives in real world when you actually load it on a server full of players and when actions begin.

    I don't see what you can 'suggest' to someone who creates an anticheat and knows what he is doing. Like, literally check out existing cheats, combat them and make it future proof.
    He literally says
    so let's see how it goes, good products are always welcome ;)

    As for 'features' such as 'judgment day' it looks like a gimmick but it's all up to personal opinion (y)
  17. Yet completely unrelated to the thread. Way to go.

    What Elevated is trying to say is that the vast majority of anticheats out there heavily rely on approximations on how the game's mechanics work. Some of these approximations are really not good, which is why some of these "anticheats" have bypasses, falses, or just don't quite get the job done. He's saying that his anticheat is designed around Minecraft code, rather than by guesswork and approximation, and as such, there is very little room for error. In addition, Minecraft has a handful of its own little quirks in the code that most cheat developers overlook which causes them to stand out like a sore thumb in an anticheat system. Unfortunately, some of these popular anticheats do not take advantage of this and it will probably take a while before they finally catch up.
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  18. I never claimed to be the best, I just said that my anti-cheat is designed to work with minecraft not against it.
  19. Yeah that's exactly what I have inside, no check-values are configurable.
  20. OK guys, I get you.
    Anyway quality contributions are always welcome and I'm sure that many people would be happy to test something new that is designed around Minecraft code and claims to do not work against it, unlike other popular solutions :)
    Of course it's good to have more choices to prevent cheating.
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