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  1. I am looking for an anticheat that is actually decent. my budget is $20 - $60.
    Id rather not pay $60 but i will if i must.
    Here are all the anticheats i have purchased on this platform in the past which haven't worked out for me:
    AntiAura - (Premium Anti-Cheat plugin)
    AAC (Advanced Anti Cheat) (Hack & Kill aura Blocker)
    Iris Anticheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.7-1.13 [10% Black History Month Sale]
    I have used other free anticheats such as sloth, nocheatplus ect and those didnt exactly work out either.

  2. Depends on the server type, Maybe try Spartan if it's a more complex server like RPG or something
  3. In my opinion, AAC is the best of those 3 plugins
  4. You didn't read it right, did you?
    He said that those anticheats DIDN'T work out
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  5. Ohh, yeah sorry, I read too quickly ^^
  6. I believe I've recommended checking my signature before and I still do recommend doing so. I'm making this inference as your username seems very familiar. Included in my resource is NCP, configured, with a patchwork plugin. The default configuration is horrendous which is why I would assume it didn't work out for you before and put together with the provided patchwork does blocks cheats with ease. You're more than welcome to try the test server before committing. I do also want to ask, to what aspect did they just not 'work out' for you?

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