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  1. Or you can make the most populars (like Huzuni) be blocked. Most of the kids don't know how to spoof. so it will reduce the amount of cheaters anyway.
  2. jajajaj then would have distributed approximately 2000 hacks on the server xd
  3. between the other day on a server with a modified minecraft.jar and not let me I said please remove the hack and with the correct minecraft, restart my minecraft and with the right and left me is there any way to detect the .jar sii has been hack or is modified?
  4. yes between the other day on a server with a modified minecraft.jar and not let me I said please remove the hack and with the correct minecraft, restart my minecraft and with the right and left me is there any way to detect the .jar
  5. You can give your players a modified client which sends some code to your server to verify its "legit" but it can be faked:
    - Packed injection to give the code without actually using the client
    - Modify the loaded MC instance in the memory (allows hacking without changing the minecraft.jar)
    - Bitecode injection
    - ....
  6. The ones who create the clients most likely know how to spoof, and they are the ones distributing the clients to the kids who don't know how to spoof.
  7. But what can I say? Server that tries to enter with hack and not leave me and without hack and leave me.
  8. Server cant enter a game, it provides a game and the client joins it.
  9. worse than that Hill server and I can not contact them to purchase this plugin that detects if the .jar this modified :/
  10. You cannot check if the client's jar is modified
  11. and that is what could have on that server?
  12. Anyone can help? I saw before on a server like this: ''AntiHack >> Player nelson84 banned. Reason: KillAura detected!'' any suggests? please contact me on twitter. @HardDanceUp:D
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    This thread is over a year old, so I would disregard basically everything in this thread. What do you want to accomplish? You want an anti-hack plugin for your server?

    NoCheatPlus - Bukkit (free)
    AAC - Spigot (paid)
    AntiAura - Spigot (paid)

    I would guess those 3 cover roughly 98% of servers that use a public anti-hack plugin. And for a good reason.

    My personal recommendation is AAC if you have a PvP server. Keep in mind all 3 struggle or lack with 1.9 support, but will all be compatible soon.
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  14. That moment when you bump a year and 5month old thread
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  15. Yes im looking for this plugin and i hope it will work.
  16. In the end none of them work efficiently at blocking anything but the basics.

    PvP hacks? Kill aura? Criticals? Triggerbot? Think again..

    I also recommend to anyone using a public anti-cheat that you don't turn on autobanning as there are so many false positives you may ban some innocent players.

    "Oh, but Dmg, that just means you don't have a good configuration" - gtfo and don't try to sell me your config file noob.

    In the end the only thing you can do to stop hackers is have a good staff team.

    All these paid anti-cheats are good for is stopping the essentials, and NCP already does that for free.

    If you think you are going to be able to completely get rid of PvP hackers, which lets be real, those are the only hackers players care about, you won't be able to with any of the public resources.
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    AGREE. You can also use a 100% non-invasive config that only tells staff that a player is moving weird. So a plugin/staff combo.
    Yes, default configs have issues sometimes. I work around the built in auto-punish and have my own that bans if they get to a certain number of silent strikes. Strikes on a player reset after server restarts. Basically a player needs to get 5 strike points from being caught 5 separate times, then it bans them. No more accidental kicks or false bans. Unless I was using a broken or experimental check...which I don't.
    I don't go around ramming my config service down people's throats. I try to help for free, then people click and read to see if it's worth just having me build a config for them. Worked out so far :). And no, it's not he run of the mill "better config". It adds much more that the default plug does not offer.
  18. I understand where you are coming from, but honestly I don't like when people sell other people's work, which let's be real, selling configuration files of someone's plugin is doing exactly that. Why don't you just send optimized file to the author so they can use that as the default config and help everyone out?

    If it's setting up a plugin that would require unique customization of the config such as a shop plugin, voting rewards plugin, etc.. then that pretty much falls under development of their server, which morally I'm okay with. But having one almighty anti-cheat file that you sell to people isn't very fair. If you are so gallant just help everyone out and give it to the author.

    No hate man, you could be the complete opposite of what I'm talking about, but those are just my thoughts on the subject
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    I offer an Optimized AAC Guide thread that is free and explains every step of how to implement my paid service. The author of AAC actually links it on AAC's Overview page. I also asked Konsolas' permission to sell the concept in the form of an optimized AAC service.
    I do my fair share of free recommendations, free behind the scenes config assistance in PMs. And like I mentioned, my free guide to an optimized config is actually linked on AAC's overview.

    I see where you come from with your comments. There are people who just have a copy/paste config that they sell for $5. Don't put that label on all of us though ;)
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    An example of my work:
    Server owner has 7 servers linked(Prison, Turf Wars, OPKits, etc). Each needs to be customized with a no lagback, anti false-kick, ping/TPS compensation, kit/ability compatibility and custom staff notifications in Italian. They pay me for a diagnostic config to run and give me logs after running for 24 hours. Then I build a custom config around each server and work around incompatibilities for each individual server while implementing the custom options they requested.

    For a 7 server setup that I explained, I asked for $30 total(advertised would be $77+). Not worth the time spent vs. money, but I like doing it and want just a little bit of compensation. I have even done it for free on a few occasions.
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