Spigot AntiCreeper 5.1

Detailed controls over explosions and griefing

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    AntiCreeper - Detailed controls over explosions and griefing

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  2. i think this plugin needs an update, am i wrong?
    blockphysics isnt working for me; latest spigot
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  3. would love this if it was for 1.16 :D
  4. Hi @Filbert66, do you read this thread? You do not seem to react on the issues over at dev.bukkit
    There are two open issues that need addressing / deletion.

    How about nerfing creepers by letting them despawn early / burn during sunlight?

    The short description of your plugin on Bukkit is only "Nerf those creepers", which poorly represents what your plugin can do. Especially as, judging by ONLY the name, "anti creepers" seems like it completely removes them.
    How about a more explanatory plugin description, like: "Drop all exploded blocks / disable block damage +++"
    In general "Anti Creepers" does not represent your plugin anymore, as it now includes more mobs.

    However, I am only here to ask for the "Let creepers burn / despawn earlier" option. Hope to help you with my feedback, though!
  5. Burning Mobs can set creepers on fire. Letting them despawn without fire could feel more natural/vanilla, though. This might be achieved by checking every x seconds if in sunlight and then reducing the mob's health. Maybe even the possibility to disable drops this way, because you will not find random gunpowder in vanilla.

    So mostly I look for a solution that nerfs creepers a bit, because they are really annoying exploding next to you in daylight. I love this plugin's drop-all-blocks function.

    Note: When you go to "sites" on your Bukkit project the default page is the old configuration. I had to check the front page to find out there is another one. Maybe you want to change the default + link the new configuration on top of the old one?

    Bug: According to your Bukkit page the default blocklist for creepers is not set. However, upon first generation, my config.yml shows as follows:

    Can yield be set up in a way so it does not drop blocks like mob-spawners, like in vanilla?
    Edit: Yes, it seems to be so by default! I have not tried this before asking, but just now a creeper exploded next to a tree and no leaves were dropped (y)

    Thanks for helping me make creepers less annoying in a vanilla way.
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