Universal AntiMinimap [Bukkit / Bungee] 1.2.5

Disable several Types of Minimaps | Damage Indicators | World downloaders

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    AntiMinimap - Disable several Types of Minimaps

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  2. How does this work? Maybe make a new plugin or make something where it denies autokill as well.
  3. arnofrutos


    May we know how that this plugin works
  4. Sure, I'll add a section to the decription.
  5. Hello, I've been looking for a long time how to disable the radar but nothing works for me ... I tried it on my test server, but still not working, I'm doing wrong?

    Here is a picture with the server's version and plugins: http://prntscr.com/6i5klw
    A picture with the minimap options http://prntscr.com/6i5mgo (Enable cave mode not disabled and radar not disabled)
    And here the version of voxel map : http://prntscr.com/6i5m3n

  6. @DogisPlz
    Could you show how you configured the plugin?
  7. There should also be some settings for enabling/disabling the different mods.
    Please copy the config.yml content from the main page of this plugin.
  8. It worked :D! Thanks so much :'))) !

    I have a question,did you know how to disable Zan's minimap?
    I must add in the config something like zan's minimap: true ?
  9. @DogisPlz
    Zan's minimap is the voxel map. So you just have to enable 'disable.voxel' in the config.
  10. Thanks ! Work like a charm :D
    Another question :c, did you know how to disable "Radar bro"?
  11. I just took a look at the RadarBro mod and unfortunately it seems like you can't disable it.
  12. So this only disables the radar and not the actual minimap? So players could still see the land and everything, just not where players and mobs are?
  13. I love what you did with this plugin... I have one quick question though:

    onJoin is the very first sendRaw for reis and the last one for damage indicator?

    or do they all use the same message?
  14. It should be obvious which code belongs to Rei's minimap in the latest versions (the download was a bit broken, so just download it again)
    The source code is available as well, so you don't have to decompile it ;)
  15. oh okay - cool (yeh I see it now)

    The one I initially saw didn't have the if statements, but I see it in your source :)
  16. Very cool, but if someone was determined they could modify the code of the minimap mod and remove that feature.