Bungee - Proxy AntiNoSwear 1.0

Disables the use of curse words v1.0.

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    AntiNoSwear - Disables the use of curse words v1.0.

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  2. "AntiNoSwear"
    Doubled negation, that makes me think that you can swear. o_O
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  3. Don't think this is the correct category for this... This category is for bungee plugins ;)
  4. I'd hate to leave a bad review for anyone that is attempting to learn, so instead I will just post this instead.

    What gives with the code in your class at com.sirchromer.block.BlockBreak?
    Also in com.sirchromer.commands.*?

    You want to provide a plugin to the public to deny the use of provocative words, which is understandable. However you are not mentioning the code that denies players the ability to break anything other than grass, and you are not mentioning your two classes for commands.

    Remember that it is possible for people to see exactly what it is that you are uploading to these services. Even though the majority of people won't consider looking before using the resource, doesn't mean someone won't take a peek.
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