Spigot AntiSeedCracker [1.15 - 1.16.x] 1.0

Making the life of public seed crackers harder

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    AntiSeedCracker [1.15 - 1.16.x] - Making the life of public seed crackers harder

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  2. It will not make seed cracking much harder, maybe make it 2 - 3 minutes longer but it will mess with biomes on client side. The server does not send biomes for all positions to the client but only sends some of them and a hashed seed, using this the client generates biomes for every block. When something uses biomes on server side the server does the same thing. So if the hashed seed sent to the client will be different from the hashed seed the server uses, the biomes on the client and biomes on the server will not match.
  3. The point is to make the automated process harder. 80% of people that use the currently most popular mod probably give up after their mod tells them that nothing could be found.
    The mod uses the hashed seed as a way to match potential seeds, so if the hashed seed won't match with anything, there won't be an automated result.
    I'm well aware that you can still get the seed through the manual matching of structures and biomes, it just becomes much more tedious and isn't an automated mod yet, from what I know.

    As for the client part, I have not observed any negatives to doing this. Biomes render just fine and are sent to the client just fine (Observable in F3). Same with biome borders. Could you point out where exactly the discrepancy is that could break the client?
  4. There are 2 stages of biome generation, the first stage happens only on the server and it generates biomes for every 4th block, these biomes are sent to the client. The second stage happens on both server and client independently and it uses the hashed seed to fill out the rest of the biomes depending on the biomes from the first stage. If the hashed seed will be changed in the packet, client will not generate same biomes as the server as they will use different seeds. This would not be very obvious, but biome borders will be slightly different. This probably would not affect most of the players, but it can be a problem for someone who is doing something that needs a specific biome.
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    Is there a Mojang issue tracking this problem (searching did not yield it, for me)?
  6. It's an intended feature. It supposedly helps with rendering biomes, but I haven't encountered any issues in using the plugin since I released it on here.
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    Where is the Mojang reference to the feature, please?
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  8. I'm just curious:

    Why does the server do this? :eek:
  9. The last step in biome generation is done with the help of something called a Voronoi diagram generator, which uses exactly that to operate. The client is supposed to generate that to ease the server load. There's some decent documentation of how that looks on this site.

    Personally, I've never witnessed any visual or technical throw-off in biomes. Perhaps it's more clear with client-side visual enhancing mods (shaders?). People with more specific knowledge about biomes/world-generation since 1.15 may be able to tell you more.

    Regardless of all that, changing the hashed seed is relatively pointless regardless of consequences on the client. The mod can derive it from structures too. I've been looking into manipulating chunk packets to hide specific blocks, but how blocks are stored in the packet is complicated. (We need to manipulate chunk packets and can't just send fake block packets, since the mod is only listening to chunk packets.) Wrapping it back and forth is an option, just not an efficient one.
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  10. hi,
    please will there be an update needed for servers upgrading to 1.17?
  11. Hello, author!
    I'm from China,
    I want to rewrite this plug-in and write a new function to prevent SeedCracker more thoroughly
    Can I get your approval?
  12. The plugin is open-source anyways, so do what you want ^^ https://github.com/Gadsee/AntiSeedCracker