Spigot AntiSwear 0.7

A simple anti-swear plugin

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    AntiSwear - A simple anti-swear plugin

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  2. Hello mate, can you add a messages.yml to edit the messages? I'm from the spanish community and my Staff ain't know English. A messages.yml would really help!
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  3. You also should add antiswear.bypass for OP's and Moderators :p
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  4. You could also add a GitHub page, so that people can custimize this plugin for their own server, or even write better code to improve the plugin and give it to you so that you can approve it.
  5. Hey there!

    We are having a problem with the filter not catching words. Sometimes it just doesnt block it at all (mayy be lag related on that one) but the main problem is if we use things like our color'd chat or even put an ! at the end of it, the filter doesnt catch it at all.

    So for our chat color plugin it pretty much puts the color code and then the message, so if they start with the word it wont read as "word" it reads as "&6word" so the word doesnt get blocked. For the symbols you can just put anything at the end of the word, even a period, and it doesnt block it either.
  6. I'll see what I can do