Spigot AntiUse 2.1

Easy to use, AntiUse!

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    AntiUse - Easy to use, AntiUse!

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  2. This plugin can block anything? Like for an example can it block commands, can it block people destroying blocks etc?
  3. No sorry, it's only used for blocking certain blocks, or items, in a certain area.

    Would you like this to be added?
  4. Does this work for interacting with blocks too. For example, blocking users from putting up item frames, however also blocking users interacting with item frames already on walls.

    Also, is there an override permission?
  5. It doesn't let them use the specified blocks :) (So yes, unsure about the item-frames)

    Will add a override permission in the next update!
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  6. Still works! If there's any issues please let me know!

  7. add worldguard support
  8. Sure! What do you mean by this? Can you clarify more?

  9. disable the use of potions, bows or anything else in a specific region.
  10. So instead of an entire world let users do it by regions?
  11. yah or have both
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  12. It already is an entire world, will definitely add regions!
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