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denied access to users with worlddownloader

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    AntiWDPro | AntiWorldDownloader - denied access to users with worlddownloader

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  2. i guarantee i can get around this plugin
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  3. im interested if it can be bypassed
  4. If you can avoid accessing users with worlddownloader
  5. its very simple to get past simply by removing the code from the worlddownloader client that you are tracking when a player joins the server. theres not much you can do about it thats why no anti-worlddownloader plugin is 100%.
  6. It's true it does not protect you 100%, since there are different methods of downloading a world but it works for some clients with worlddownloader.
  7. Hola vengo avisar que no tengo pc de momento, por eso no estoy haciendo actualizaciones ultimamente. Espero entiendan! :D
  8. There are a couple of typos, the default punish command misspells "detected" as "dedected" also, the help command shows "Reload config)" with a weird bracket at the end. Great plugin though.n