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    AntyProxyTM - Anty Proxy Vpn

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  2. could you give some more information about this plugin. (and perhaps post on the main page)

    Like how does it work, does it use a list to check on IP ? or is it real time check no external connections.

    Edit after reading a bit it seems to use https://proxycheck.io/ could you add an option to use a key from that site for more queries ?
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  3. Nice project. I'm the developer of proxycheck.io and I'm appreciative of this plugins existence. I too echo devioursoul's feature request to add API key support so that server owners can keep themselves appraised of any major service changes at proxycheck.io and to unlock more free queries per day.
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  4. where to get the key?
  5. On the main homepage (https://proxycheck.io), you put your Email address in, and then you're sent a key. What I recommend you do is to tell the users in the config file that they can get their own key from the site (it's completely free). This boosts the queries allowed from 100 per day to 1,000.

    Then in your plugins config file have an area to enter the key, you only need to tack it on to each query with &key=############


    EDIT:// This post has been altered because the allowed queries has dropped, without a key it's now 100 per day, with a key it's 1,000. - It's still free but more keys can be purchased from the dashboard. 99% of our users have less than 1,000 queries per 24 hour period though and I think you'll all be fine with that on the free tier.
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  6. Any ideas what to add?
  7. So the key will allow server owners to have access to 1,000 - 16,000,000 known proxies of they sign up using an email and get a key?
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  8. No, key is my used in plugin, but in next update key in COnfig.
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  9. The way it works is like this. The API lets you query it 100 times a day for free without a key. It gives you full functionality within that 100. If you supply an email address to get a key then you can query the API 1,000 times a day (365,000 queries a year). There are also purchasable query amounts in the Dashboard for registered users ranging from 10,000 queries per day for $15 a year to 240,000 queries per day for $360 a year.

    So to explain, if you signup and stay on the free tier meaning you spend no money your server(S) can query the API 1,000 times per day for free. So if you have 1,000 players (or under) joining your server every single day you won't need to spend a dime and you get full access to the entire API feature set which includes queries to all of our data on proxies and VPN's and also SSL encryption.

    About 99% of the users of proxycheck.io are well below the 1,000 queries per day. We have only a handful who go over that amount.

    Originally the service was going to be completely free with 1,000 queries for non-registered users and 16 million for registered users but that was while we were seeing what the users did with the service and how many queries they made. We've found that doing the free service with that many queries isn't feasible and so I gradually reduced it until we've hit the number where we are now that will hopefully help the greatest number of people without a few individuals using up all the resources.

    I hope that makes sense, I'm committed to improving the service and keeping all features available to free users with the current usage cap at 1,000 queries per 24 hour period (365,000 queries a year for free basically).
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  10. With this plugin would people like brothers be able to join?