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  1. Hello,

    I want to open an anvil inventory with the code:
    Code (Java):
    p.openInventory(Bukkit.createInventory(p, InventoryType.ANVIL, "test"));
    But I get an error when I click on the slots of the anvil inventory, also I cann't set items to the slots.
  2. you can try to replace the invtory owner to null, so you get:
    Code (Text):
    p.openInventory(Bukkit.createInventory(null, InventoryType.ANVIL, "test"));
    If it workt let me now with a rating! :)(y)
  3. Still get errors...
  4. It says that it is not supported YET... so i think it is a problem with bukkit but I could be wrong...:unsure:
  5. Code (Text):
    (e.getInventory() instanceof AnvilInventory)
    Used this code but with instanceof EnchantingInventory and it worked fine, let me know if it works for you.
  6. I don't want this to use in a event, I just want open the anvil inventory and repair and rename stuff.
  7. Gadse

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    I'm pretty sure the error occurs because it's not possible to change the anvil's title with API methods yet. (It's possible with NMS, but I don't know if you want to get into that.) Try opening it without a title.

    If you want a more in-depth look at NMS and more control over your GUI, there is this lovely API that you could take a look at.
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  8. I still get the same error....
  9. I finally solved it!
    for people with the same problem this is my code:
    Code (Java):
    ((CraftPlayer)p).getHandle().playerConnection.sendPacket(new PacketPlayOutOpenWindow(1, Containers.ANVIL, new ChatComponentText("IT WORKS!")));
    Thanks Gadse for the tip for using NMS.