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Feature Anvil No EXP Limit

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Coolo, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Since this is probably impossible to do with a plugin, I think it would be a great addition to spigot to remove the level cap, and possibly add a cost multiplier, so setting it to 1 would be normal, and .5 would be half the normal cost. Both these feature would be very useful, otherwise you cannot fix tools with high level enchantments at all. (all plugins need to be updated...) Also, bug, item loregets removed when you try to fix an item with an anvil.
  2. Spigot is for improving performance, not adding features for game-play.
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  3. Beg to differ. Anti-xray?
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  4. This would be more of a fix, if you don't like it, we could change it to repairing items not costing xp. I understand merging items, but just to repair an item, you should not need xp AND the other item (Diamond for diamond sword etc)
  5. That's to improve the performance by giving an alternative anti-xray.
    Most servers use an anti-xray plugin and therefore the addition of anti-xray built into Spigot would improve performance over the plugin method.
  6. Yes but if you couldnt repair at all then you'd have to get the items to make the tool and then re-enchant and even that doesn't give you the certainty of getting the same enchantments.
    It's only fair that they make it cost xp too because it prevents you having to re-enchant items too.
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  7. I don't understand. I know you can currently fix items by putting two of the same item together, and I know that removes enchantments, what I meant was in the anvil, fix an item by either having a diamond pick for example, then also putting a diamond or another diamond pick in the anvil. If the original diamond pick was enchanted, it would still have it's enchantment, but if you used 2 enchanted diamond picks it would cost exp to merge them.
  8. That......is literally what I was just talking about.
  9. This IS possible with plugins if you add a separate GUI (perhaps diamond blocks rather then anvils) it would have 2x input slots and 3 Info slots (to send back info), once you take the item out of the result slot it will remove the 2 items needed to make it and some XP, i really hope someone makes this.
  10. Yes, spigot is for adding features for gameplay Chris.
  11. Thanks for bumping a thread from 2012 guys!
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