Resource AnvilGUI - Easily use anvil guis to get a user's input

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  1. I recently ran myself into this situation where I really wanted to use anvil guis to get user's inputs, but I would rather not have to handle the versioning in my plugin. I found nothing like this so I wrote my own. This will be updated and I hope it helps the community out.

    edit: it would be very nice if you stared the repo, I would like to know if people are actually using it
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  2. Didn't even know this was still possible, thanks a lot for sharing it, hopefully this one will be kept up to date ;) Will definitely use this in one of my projects.
  3. MiniDigger


    Nice to see a updated version of this.
    Just a note tho: this ( it not a good idea.
    providing downloads for spigot jars is illegal because of the dmca filed against bukkit. remove this file asap before github takes your repo down.
    I know that you need to nms classes for every version but installing the spigot jars via your pom is sadly not a solution.
    I would add a "Building" section to your readme where you write that you need to have all spigot jars installed in your local repo.
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  4. Done, thanks for this. I would have never thought about the DMCA on bukkit.
  5. Thought I'd bump this for people who haven't already seen it.
  6. Can you put the resources tag with your title please?
  7. Done.
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  8. Still exists and is maintained ;)
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  9. Pretty cool plugin to have!
  10. it's not a plugin though?
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  11. Still here!
  12. I like your use of the BiFunction. I will star it, it may come in handy.
  13. Jar download link? CBA to open my IDE, aha.
  14. Any reason you don't use maven/gradle? I can't use a CI with this because it needs all of the jars installed on the local repo, and it's a pain to upload every version.
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  15. Your VersionWrapper should be an interface, since you have no default methods there is no point in it being an abstract class but instead be an interface. (also no fields)
  16. Probably should, but honestly I don't have the effort to update it. It's not that big of a difference.

    did you even read what this was made for? and also, that thing is outdated and when you try to update it breaks.
  17. You're right, the abstraction vs interface isn't a huge difference however I am using your classes in my own plugin and it works flawlessly, thank you for this, I plan on looking through all the code and learning exactly how you did it. I also have my own version wrappers so I'm just using that. Thank you for this resource.
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