AnvilNode compared to Clovux?

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  1. Hello everyone.

    It has been brought to my attention that both of these hosts are widely recognized on these forums.
    Both of them have surprisingly low prices - and currently a 50% recurring discount.
    The only reviews I have been able to find were all from 2017.
    It would benefit me greatly, if you could provide me with some updated reviews or even your own experiences/opinions.

    I am currently stuck between:

    AnvilNode's 14GB "budget" server for a recurring $16/mo
    Clovux' MC-8 8.2GB server for a recurring $16/mo.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. I wouldn't even concider either would rather advise you to go get a server from extravm owned by @MikeA
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    Prices are a bit higher, I think OP wants something cheaper. "laststop" promo makes it $2.70/GB though. Thanks for suggesting.
  4. It seems to me that if your server is big enough that you're looking at a 14 GB shared server, you don't want to go cheap on the hardware/service.
  5. If your server is currently at a 14GB RAM requirement, I'd say get a dedicated server of sorts.
  6. You're better off getting a server with less RAM to save yourself some money.

    If you're going with Anvilnode, perhaps consider a 7GB Gold server instead. They run on i7-6700k
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  7. I've heard that AnvilNode has troubled with reliability problems in the past, (servers randomly crashing for hours) although I'm not sure if this is still the case?
  8. This was in January. We had a node with a faulty CPU which has caused issues. The node was taken out of production just a few days after that and clients were compensated for the issues.

    You can check out some of our reviews over here:
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  9. Personal Experience:

    I tried both, Clovux and AnvilNode, they are both pretty decent companies but I prefer Clovux, I had 0 problems with them and support was also decent.

    Now I dont use any of them for Minecraft, but I bought a web hosting service from clovux and its nice for me.