AnvilNode Vs. McProHosting

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Sid_Engel, May 10, 2017.

  1. I've been using McProHosting for a while now. My server donations cover the costs, but the price is starting to feel insane, for a 3.5gb server.

    AnvilNode seems to look good as well. What should I do? What are the pros and cons of each one?

    Ready? Set. Go!
  2. I vouch for ExtraVM. :)
    Very good and reliable host made by our very own @MikeA. :)
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  3. If I had to pick between the companies I would go with AnvilNode.
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  4. If you know how to setup a VPS / Ubuntu VM, I'd recommend OVH, If you're wanting a dedicated server, I'd recommend soyoustart

    OVH: Quality machines, amazing speeds, trustable and reliable DDoS, etc (You can install Multicraft)
    2GB's of Ram: $4.50/Month
    4GB's of Ram: $7.50/Month
    8GB's of Ram: $14.50/Month
    McProHosting: Quality machines, insanely expensive... Multicraft Panel
    1GB's of Ram: $10.00/Month
    4GB's of Ram: $40.00/Month
    8GB's of Ram: $80.00
    MelonCube: Decent machines (Except they store thousands of servers on a single machine), extremely cheap, extremely slow, Multicraft Panel
    2GB's of Ram: $6.00/Month
    4GB's of Ram: $12.00/Month
    8GB's of Ram: $24.00/Month
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  5. Gaxan


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  6. I can guarantee you they don't have thousands of servers being hosted on a single machine. Even if that were true, those servers would be completely unplayable.
  7. AnvilNode, I kind of know the owners, and they're nice. They have pretty good servers for the price.
  8. Mcprohosting is a joke here, they're so overpriced, literally anything is better than them.
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  9. I would go with AnvilNode if you have to get it from them, or you can use Clovux, which is $2/GB with my code found in my signature.
  10. Dude are you serious.. Why are you promoting yourself on a thread of someone asking for your opinion
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  11. He asked for an opinion not a suggestion. -.- smh
  12. Gaxan


    He asked what he should do. I gave him my opinion. My post is perfectly relevant to the thread. I gave him a perfectly good option that would save him some money.
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  13. There you go... :)
  14. Easy guys, lol.
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  15. Lovely how everyone suggests other hosts while @Sid_Engel only asked for opinions on the ones listed in the thread.

    Nonetheless, I manage a large part of Anvilnode so if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
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  16. Gaxan


    You remind me of the management.
    You act like you are offended because everyone didn't praise anvilnode. If you weren't offended you should have left the first part out. It's bad for business.
    Some people will see your post as cocky, arrogant or in some other manner they do not agree with.
    You should have posted the last sentence only, its more professional.
    Nothing wrong with people giving options and opinions for host they know to be reliable, affordable and fast.
    Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and give an option that could possibly be a better choice. This is a forum after all.
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  17. Use OMGServ, The Servers are SUPPERRR Cheap and not bad quality. Check them out @
    (When i mean super cheap i mean SUPER)
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  18. Lol, you're funny.
    They suck. The main page isn't even in English. LMAO
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  19. Other languages other than English exist, you know... Everything doesn't have to be in English.