Any actual working FREE commandcooldown plugins?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by zDrakon, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. I really need one as booscooldowns is now paid and the bukkit dev one does not work, I tried CommandCooldowns 1.0 that didn't work it just kept refreshing the config file everytime I reloaded it -_-. So someone help me out here XD.
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    Why don't you just buy booscooldowns?

    I don't know of any free ones :3
  3. ;_; such expensive money.. especially with my free services thread, 1 guy still hasnt paid me the rest of the $30 he owed me for helping him with a list of plugins...
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  5. To fix the config issue,

    Configure the plugin.
  6. Thats called "scam" the most times
  7. Or use PlugMan
  8. I have never scammed. XD. Look at my services thread page, 3 vouches so far. =) I really do try to make everything free especially first impression.
  9. He don't said you scammed, he said other guy scammed you.
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  10. Yeap
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