Any bots that can bypass CAPTCHA?

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  2. yes, and no. I really want to know any bots out there that might be able to analyse an image on a map. For that, I just want whoever might have such a bot to try out this on my test server.
  3. Services like Death by captcha + an easy bot to return this to cheat could do this easily. However it costs money for every captcha resolved.
  4. ya, that sort of things I would like to see.
  5. The map one, no. The ones in chat I think I could.
  6. Well from a glance looks more sound than the thing I made. Though as people above me stated, the chat one may be bypassed easier than the picture.
  7. Yes.

    Photo: There is old open source de-captcha's out there that can decrypt old captcha's such as this. MD_5/World edit creator shown it's possible to convert a frame to map data, so it's obviously possible to do it inverse.
    PS: Dbc isn't good but you might want to test with it anyway.

    Chat: It's sending plain chat text in a packet and asking you to send it back

    Math: Same as chat but computers can do math better than most people

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  8. There are some websites where people basically solve captcha's for money, thats how services like death by captcha, captchasniper etc. work.
  9. if it's on the web site, that's quite easy ting to do, but i'm asking to do that in the Minecraft mods, or bot applications. (retrieving the images on the map and follow the instruction in the message like "type the word on the map", "type the word on the map in reverse order", "type the answer of the math question on the map", etc).
  10. It would be possible, but chances that someone will take the time to create a bot for that are like 0.001%, because it would most likely not be worth the time.
  11. well, my next version will have moving image ;)
  12. Is it possible:

    Yes, most certainly

    Is it likely that there exist or will exist bots that can do this in the future:

    Most probably no

    You can easily convert the map to a normal image file like PNG, and the text is just a matter of smart parsing, but again, I haven't seen many servers using plugins similar to this, and someone with a bot will probably not bother to create one when they can just go on another server that doesn't utilize this.
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