Solved Any Forge-like Plugins?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by KontraK, May 23, 2016.

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  1. I'm sure everyone in Minecraft modding has used Minecraft Forge to help with conflicting mods, is there any Forge-like plugins? I have many conflicting mods such as there isn't one plots plugin that doesn't interfere with other plugins/work at all.
  2. I.. What?

    You want a server plugin that "is like" a client-modding API server mod?

    Is this a troll thread?
  3. No, I just want something that can help my plugins work without conflict and errors.
  4. That is not what forge does, and also totally impossible. Just do not use multiple plugins that each do the same thing in different ways?
  5. Also @ME1312 that is for an older version of minecraft. I'm on 1.9
  6. Wellll sorry for being stupid but correct me then, what does it do? Because when i play tekkit/technic it seems that was Forge's purpose
  7. Forge is a server mod (like bukkit/spigot) that allows a minecraft server to run third-party mods..

    You do not install forge on a server, forge IS the server.
  8. Forge can't be used at a .jar.
    ^^^ Forge becomes the acutal server by running 3rd party mods/plugins
  9. Well my bad then. Tell me if anyone finds what i was looking for then
  10. What you are looking for does not exist, because it is completely impossible. Just pick better plugins.
Thread Status:
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